Friday, 30 October 2009


Ok bad news; I've got some logos... but I'm very displeased with the progress of my work this week; quality and quantity. Since they will be colourless tomorrow; I won't upload them as of yet till they are done.

... I hate my work.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Speedy Bwoy Maxi - The Mobility Model

I can finally post to this blog - hooray! Just to let you know guys I've started blocking out the mobility scooter for the fat ass security officer to schlep around on. It's called a Speedy Bwoy Maxi. An initial low poly model render will be ready for Sunday.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Meeting

Just to say guys, I think the meeting with Mike yesterday went really well. Everyone likes the story, so it's all systems go. Mu has posted up on the board what all of you have to do. We have another group meeting on Thursday. Until then, adios!


I like the dodgy magazines in your research. We should make that! ARRRGGG
well done on the 3D cans btw

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Paul: Source is where?

Lo, I forgot to say in the last blog post that I havn't shown much news at the moment. I thought you might like to know that I shall be starting some new concept for the supermarket on Monday; including logo designs for the store and products.

I will also be starting maya tests which I was hoping to start last week... but got delayed due to... "troubles". It's early days so it should be ok to step up again; I won't try and let you guys down. I sure hope our group will pull through by the end; don't split up guys! Speak more in a group; since meetings isn't enough...

In other news I've uploaded all the photos at last at my blog; for those who will be designing the supermarket environment with me PLEASE check through the post; I have enough photos for everything you will need for the modelling and texturing of the store itself.

Enjoy the photos! You won't be getting any more!
... no, really. I got kicked out the places for taking those...

Paul: The NEW poster!!!

... oh boy, what did I do this time...

Poster 2.0 as I called in my own blog. This is a layout test if we decide to show an idea like this. Louis's poster is nicely drawn, but even as a spoof; it isn't really relating to what we are creating. Since it was only us two; and I hate to promote my work; I would ask if we could expand on the poster I have designed for our group.

IT WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIS; but it will be set-up similarly; and the brown-colour scheme was only temporary. Since last friday it was quite approved so its up to a vote if you guys want to keep it or not.

As you may know; I'm not a great drawer; but I do love to design; so if anyone is up to the task of illustrating the final poster; then please speak on Monday or comment in this post.

Thank you!

Saturday, 24 October 2009


It is no secret that I am more than a little peeved that the story has been changed more than once, in fact five times. Anyway, remember how I said that I would rework some of the pieces of the film today to make them better? I did. By combining this idea with the old one. We have two whole storyboards so it seems a shame to waste them. I also have a new action sequence that kicks the crap out of the old one. I don't want to post it on here yet as I want to run it past you all on Monday first. I have done some thumbnail story boards today, so when we agree on the shots I will draw up a proper one. One change to note is that the segway has gone. I have heard more than a few complaints that it is too soon after Paul Blart Mall Cop to have a fat security guard on a segway. Instead he rides one of those fat people mobility scooters. Trust me it comes into play in the action sequence. Anyway, I will see you all on Monday for the formative. We are on to something good guys, and this is the LAST story change!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Environment 1

Hey guys, this is my first environment design. It is a quick one of the aisle with the pirate fort. It has the bow of a ship and a sail, as wellas battle towers. Again this was entirely digital. I was trying to go for a bit more of a collage look for this one to emphasise simplicity. I got the idea for one of the Pixar art books. Unfortunately, it did not turn out so good. Instead of looking collage like, it just looks s**t. Anyway it gives a rough idea.

The Guard

Hey Y'all! Here's the long awaited concept for the guard. He is sooo fat. We might be hard to weight in maya so we might have to change him. My PC is down at the moment. Therefore my scanner is busted too, so this is my first entirely digital picture. I drew the pencils for it in a programme called sketchbook pro. It's pretty cool because it is sensitive to the pressure on the tablet, thus reacting like a real pencil. I also inked it on the computer and it did not go to plan. I'm not entirely happy with this picture because it looks a bit crap. Anyway, here he is!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Skethes and Ideas...

Yo guys, got some rough designs for you viewing...

In my designs below I focused mainly on the rough creation of the kind of make-shift weaponry and traps the Pirates could make a use for. I even went as far as to design some possible personal weapons for each of the characters, such as Breadbeard's candy-cane cutlass, Patches shoulder-mounted Fruit launcher and Walker's small Toothpick shooter...

Monday, 19 October 2009

Paul: Not interesting, but relevant!

Sniff :_;
Our little board is growing up so fast...

Story Tweeking!

Hey guys, I had a chat with Dave Bull today. It was interesting. He essentially gave me two bits of advise, either tweak the idea we already have, or start it up again. The alternate idea he suggested was very similar to the film, 'Night at the Museum'. That's something I was hoping to avoid. I have decided to tweak our idea.

The new division is as follows.

We start the film off in the same way as before with the hungry guard who is tempted by the box of cereal that he is not supposed to eat. The pirates spring to life. The guard makes his way to the aisle, where he is greeted by the pirates. They introduce themselves and say how they are not going to let him take their treasure. The guard runs away in terror. He makes his way back to his guards room, but his hunger gets the better of him. He turns around to face the pirates again. Meanwhile the pirates have set up a trap with lots of candy trip wire. The guard elaborately makes his way through them as he gets to the end looking satisfied. Suddenly the pirates send patches swinging by rope into the guards crotch. They drag patches away who is gasping for air as the guard becomes enraged. Afterwards he have almost the same sequence as before but instead patches is stuck on the guards face as Breadbeard drops down to fight him. The guards swerves out of the way and up a ramp. The guard is about to get his hands on the cereal when walker drops a mentos into a giant coke bottle. A massive explosion foll owes. We cut to the night after where we see the guard battered and bruised, in casts. The guard is left quivering and eating salad as we pan to a shot of the pirates, as cut outs giving the finger.

Obviously there will be some changes but that's the general gist. Dave's comments are use full and have all been taken on board.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Paul: Tomorrow I'll...

Design those blueprints!

... not really. But now that we have a target idea in mind maybe we could try and work on the storyboards while others work on trap designs and other additional sub-ideas to help assist the story. Louis; I can't remember every detail so if you don't writting the new story on this blog soon; or after our talk tomorrow then that could help.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Paul: ... is it time already?

Yeah... not complete. I was aiming for this example to be a complete movie poster... not until the right idea comes along. I guess this counts as additional concept till then... though crude; I might print the "fake logo" for our board till a replacement comes along.

... in other news I managed to get some photos from Supermarkets; before getting kicked out the areas. Well I aint gonna buy ya rotten tomatoes YA BASTARDS!!!

So a pass?

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Sorry all team members that i didn't attend to the meeting today. i had a little home emergency.. and I'm getting more ill =s been ill since yesterday. anyways, I've been keeping my eyes on the blog and try to update myself. i like the idea that Lewis posted on the previous post. I really do hope we get the story nailed down and start making the short film. was kinda annoyed like everyone else would be, but know im more excited =p rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggghHHh. LOL

The chat with Dan Dalli

As the title suggests Mu, Paul and yours truly had a little chat with Dan about the story. We told him everything that has happened, pretty much. He suggested that we look at it form a fresh view point, and to view Mike's comments as suggestions. Whilst we were together we batted some ideas around with him. Dan suggested taking the Pirates and the guard idea and turning it on it's head. This means the guard is trying to get the cereal and the Pirates are defending their treasure. We could have the guard as this fat slob who's eaten everything he can but wants to eat the cereal as it is a new brand that is launching the next day, and he wants to be the one to try it first. We could have the Pirates set up various booby traps to stop him. The Pirates could also be the cut outs that have come to life and are defending their product.

Dan also suggested that we could turn that idea on it's head and have the pirates trying to take the cereal as they don't want people to try it. We could even have something completely different and have the pirates waring with each other to see who gets the be on the billboard.

The chat with Dan was quite enlightening and we have a lot of food for thought. I feel really silly for not thinking of these ideas sooner, it seems strange as they were kinda staring at me in the face. I feel quite exited about these ideas. I will have to mull the ideas over and chat about it in the group meeting tomorrow...but the story will be decided this week!

To Be Brutaly Honest!

Hey guys. Paul said he thought my mood boards were poo as they do not show what the style and look of the characters. My response to that is, hopefully, they will look like the drawings of the characters that I drew! Anyway, here we have some footage, screen shots and concept art form the new game Brutal Legend. The reason I am showing you this is that the look of the characters and the style of the humour is very similar to how I would like the film to be...but less metal and more piratey. If we could get the character models to look this good, I would be a very happy man!

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mood Board

Hey guys. Here are my mood boards for the film. It includes artwork from Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxtar, Prince of Persia, Street Fighter 4, Batman The Animated Series, Batman Beyond (aka Batman of the future) and Spectacular Spider-man. It also features artwork form two of my favourite artists, Sean Galloway and Skottie Young. All this stuff inspires me, and subliminally help in the creation of the idea...oh and I threw Trix Rabbit in there for good measure!

Paul: So...

Did any more ideas come up on how we could change the original?
Kieran will sadly be using most of our time tomorrow; but what we do have; we will make sure everything is set and ready to develop into storyboards. Another meeting... sigh...

But in good news, I might stop buy the supermarkets near my home; get some sources for the concept. See you guys tomorrow!

Movie Poster

Hey all! I'm feeling a bit better about the film today. I've done my teaser poster for Gareth's unit. The poster is inspired by those classic movie posters like Star Wars, you know the ones where Luke looks nothing like he does in the actual movie. They always make the characters look more muscular and heroic so that's what I did to Breadbeard. This is nowhere near finished. For one thing I have to make the typeface more piratey.

Anyway I'm going to have a chat with the tutors tomorrow but Tom and I have already spoken about the film, and I am more enthusiastic about it now. I actually see the film in my head.

I'll get everyone up to scratch either tomorrow or Friday!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Paul: The Title at hand...

Oh, I might also draw up a temporary title-logo and print it for our wall at college. Unless Louis wants to print of the title for his pitch (I know we didn't see it, but you said you have it)

... if not. Does anyone want to step up designing the logo for our wall/finished film? I'm not that great of an artist, I don't really want to dissapoint you lot if I attempt this too early on...

Monday, 12 October 2009

Paul: Rum along with the flow

Ok; so what can we do with the idea...

WELL; when we think of our project; we want to keep the humour in the story "Pirates causing chaos in a supermarket" I would say; and we want to keep the rocket-trolleyboat itself also; so this stays. Hopefully Louis agrees so.

Its a chase between the pirates (our three main) and the staff workers (security and Craig from Dairy) which started as random pillaging; but changes the main loot target into the Petey's Golden Treausure Cereal. But events keep getting in the way making both the attackers and defenders of the store; making their situation harder whilst doing this.

I won't be able to get a "smooth" story done by tonight; but this is just in the works to show some ideas we could fit in somehow without going nuts:

1. Craig from dairy and the security worker are both included as "defenders" of the supermarket; their job is to stop the pirates by any means from destroying their store.
2. We don't have to explain why they are Pirates; but they should arrived within the store; hiding under a pile of cardboard boxes. It would act like a planned attack and they have been waiting for the right moment to pillage and plunder.
3. We could fit the Grandma character in as a customer who purchases Petey's Golden Treasure Cereal while our pirates and staff workers brawl. This would force the pirates to outsmart the staff workers to steal the cereal from the woman. But at such a "fast velocity" from their boat they would crash outside the enterance of the store; which would end in them being surrounded by Police.
4. Perhaps at the end; when the pirates get arrested. We see a new "rival" group attempted to raid the store; just like the Pirates. Hench -> the story repeats itself.
5. A lot of the sequences within the 2-3 minutes could be the conflict between staff workers and Pirates. We could create a lot of beautiful scenes here using the store as the battlefield; and both sides could use this to their advantage... or disadvantage.
6. Remember; we're having fun. We don't need a morale to break our spirits, or a meaning. This could be the breakthrough to all of us to show what we can do.

Anyway... I try and "tidy" this up a bit; but you guys are welcome to change this however you want... without going over "board". I'm not going to be in tomorrow (or today, since its 1.00am now) so over the next few weeks while we sort this idea out; I might add more concepts to the Supermarket; including a blueprint/layout and possible maya models of some of the objects. My maya isn't the greatest but I can make the objects; and if you guys feel like the work isn't right; then we have the time to reshuffle our jobs around.

OH! One last thing! Remember that DVD I brought in yesterday? Well if you're interested in what I thought our idea was going to be inspired by; this is the short-introduction film for that movie:

Terry Gilliam's The Crimson Permanent Insurance Part1:

Terry Gilliam's The Crimson Permanent Insurance Part2:

Oh and Tom. I saw your "unfinished" post in the list of blog entries. Get it done ya' slacker! Or I feed you to the dogs! Says I!
... but really no rush, you're alright.

Systematic Skull F**king!

Paul is right, today was a mess. Scratch that today was a nightmare. After our redrafting of the idea, I pitched to our guest lecturer today. He said that the idea was too big and didn't make any sense. He said "Why would only the Pirates come to life, and not all the other mascots?", he said he thought it would be more interesting to see all the mascots. I do not like this idea as it will literally end up as that movie "Night at the Museum"...and nobody wants that. Afterwards we sat in a group trying to bash the idea out. So many things went up in the air. "Are they Pirates?", "Is it even in a supermarket". We went through every possible idea until Mu and I had gigantic headaches. I've gotten to a point where I'm fed up. Much like Samuel L Jackson who is sick of those mutha f**kin' snakes on that mutha f**kin' plane...I AM SICK OF THIS IDEA GETTING SHOT DOWN AND REDRAFTED OVER AND OVER!!! In trying explain the Pirates we have made the film needlessly complicated. It has set us back almost two weeks and I am annoyed.

The Idea is this:

We our going back to the original idea. No objects coming to life, no needless explanations. Just Pirates in a supermarket. We need to scale back the action and create a new beginning and end. But this Idea is getting locked down in the next few days because I am at the end of my patience here.

I have emailed Dan Dalli asking him for a meeting so we can talk about the idea to him. I'll let everyone know if anything comes up!

Just to show you how random unexplained things can be popular and sell! Here's a clip from Spongebob, which i can only liken to a horrible LSD trip...ENJOY!

Paul: The parrots ate that all

It's Dangerous around these parts; Here take this with you!
URGH. Today was a mess, right? One big headache of a day with a story we can't decide on. We might not have a final story but we were happy with our original idea; the pitch was great, wso why change it?
Mike's suggestion only just wasted a week for us; trying to explain why they are Pirates but rather than why they are there. They are Pirates because we wouldn't have a story if we didn't!

So lets start again; and try and get rid of your headache while you're here. IF we're happy then the project goes well. So don't try and make things complex... like my previous PREVIOUS post. What was I on...

-ALSO- Hoping that I don't become late on certain days. Stupid sleep is stupid...

Paul: Read

Sorry guys; I'm going to be a little late. Bad Night.
Sorry :(

Paul: Better late than nevarrrgh

Ok. As mentioned, most of my ideas ranged longer than the 2 minutes; or were just... un-needed complex. So I wanted to use some of the ideas I wanted to use but to keep the setting and plot we created; so I might have to borrow one thing or so to get this going. OK then!

Cze Story of le Pirates

To rap this up nice and quick; I wanted to stick with the group idea of the "Pirates" theme being replaced a rival group; and through anger the pirates will destroy the store when they lose their job.

I just want to show the way I imagined it to go; I know my ideas are not the easiest to... show; but I give it a go.Yes I did say "my ideas"; though this is based on the replacement idea from earlier. Stop being pickey.Here's a bit more detail of the story; filling in the ideas I wanted to show and how it would play out:

The film starts with a 20-30 second introducing in the form of a TV advert, promoting the "Supersaver", or nicknamed "SupersaveARRRR" in tied-ness with the Pirate theme of this intro. Here we are introduced to the three Pirates characters of the story; they are actors and their job is to enjoy the store as to act like pirates; they recommend specials deals getting "slashed" down in price (with a pirate sword) and introducing themselves as the companys icon (the mascot idea). In between these "advert" videos we could show 2d animated scenes of the Pirate Characters + children having a good time around the store; to grab the children's attention to show this is a family "all-welcome" store.

Basically this start video is important of setting up the characters and their personailities; as well as a short glimpse of the store itself. Its wacky, fun and fast; an entertaining and humourous advert in which us as a team can all contribute some background messages or hilarious second-long scenes to show how messed up an advert can be. Anyway...


The video ends and the TV screen gets turned off with a "please stad by message". us as a viewer zooms out to show us that we have been watching a video inside the store. Shortly afterwards the screen gets blocked by "cut-out" stands of a new icon; a new non-pirate group has replaced our characters as the new icon of the store. My original thought was a western-group; but we can change this to whatever fits best.At the very instance the "cut-out" boards arrive on set; the camera changes outwards to show that the Pirate characters were watching the video with us; they make no sudden movements and just keep staring at the direction of the TV shocked. Even with the TV-off and the "cut-outs" arrived, they just... stand there.

They are no longer needed...At this time, we can see that the store is open; its still bright outside and there are customers and staff workers seen around the store. This viewing is then focused on "Craig" (from dairy!) the supersaver worker approches our three characters; he hands them forms and a payslip with a big "fired" message attached to it; they are told to leave the store anytime today. The Pirates slowly turn their heads to the left; we can see a room at the far end with "silhouette" characters behind a blind-covered window. This is their boss's office, as we can see the form ofthe shape of their boss (we see his picture in the 20-30 seconds introducing) and the new replacement-group. Chatting and laughing alike.

The Pirates turn away from this; they look upon the last of their promotional items, such as the posters and the "hanging" ceiling message-boards, being torn off one by one by the workers of the store; the sad part of the story. Craig with his bored-facial expression trieds to shunt the payslip and forms to the pirates once more. This irritates the pirates, causing rage and uproars from them; picking Craig throat-up saying "UP YA'r ARSE!" (little changed from Louis's line) and shoving the slips into his... erm... (outside camera of course)

Shortly afterwards; the pirates turn opposite direction and in this direction they walk and stare at a glorious shot of a giant in-door Pirate Ship model; this would flash a quick flashback-shot in which the Pirates acting on the ship on a promotional day within the store (lasts about second or two); at this point when walking the pirates seperate and they follow three different paths into the store.


he stares proudly upon the giant Pirate boat model at the end of the store; and waits, standing proudly at the shop they once worked on. As a leader he waits for his crew to do his boat-work. An extra-idea in my head was that the staff workers were about to remove the ship; and Breadbeard would not them enter the boundary around the ship itself. This would call upon the Security Staff to arrive and try and remove Breadbeard and his crew from the premises. He fights off and bys time for his crew to "fix" the ship.

WALKER's path:

Walker collects scraps and good (supermarket trolleys?) from around the store; grinning at staff workers and customers while doing so. I wanted to change Walker's personaility from lazy to moany; he's just as annoyed as the rest of the team. Maybe while "camera dollying" Walker around; we can sometimes catch glances of Breadbeard fighting off the staff members/security guards in the background as extra story-humour.

PATCHES's path:

Starts work on the boat itself; making modifications; He arrived at the same time as Breadbeard to work on the ship; he would push a staff-worker out the way; as it attempted to remove the ship from the site. He uses the items found by Walker and the time bought by Breadbeard to upgrade the ship for their "exit".This sounds like a lot to fit into the story; but hopefully through successful editing; we can show these events in the matter of a short time; perhaps a sub-montage... with a feel of adventure instead of an 80's cheese sequence.

WITH SUCCESS the boat is no longer a threatened model but a working and mobile "rocket" powered (Fireworks Day rockets?) boat; able to storm around the store with. Perhaps the animated scenes in the introducing video we saw a flying boat like this; and they want to live their dream of this before they go? Able to launch, the boat storms from its "model" spot and through this, we can create the "pirates rampage scenes" in our original concept; everyone can chip in ideas of whats going to happen, and perhaps make some references in the things they promoted in the start film; are the things that get destroyed in the current sequence. At the end of the destruction, the Pirates head towards the boss office and they fire their cannons/fireworks towards the place. Through the office window we could show a humourous reaction from the boss and replacements before exploding.

The store is damaged; and at this very scene we will cause a final exit from the Pirates. Using broken water-sprinklers from the ceiling; a damaged electrix box and overheated fan-cooler; they would all combine together to turn the remains of the store into a flooded; stormey and windy atmosphere; causing the Pirates to enter a state which pretends they live an Pirate-fantasy. With their boat in reality sailing towards the exit of the store; the workers and customers get pushed around; flooded AND electriculted ALL at the same time.

When they finally snap-out of their "Pirate Fantasy" they wake up crashed at the bottom of the two-story Shopping Mall (Supersaver is on the second fall; they crashed through the balcony) they are surrounded by the police; getting arrested one by one while they still play around in their inner fantasy. The whole enterance of the Supersaver and floor of the supermall shows the destruction they caused from getting fired; while at the same time getting arrested. An mad ending to a mad film.

Before finishing off; an extra idea at this final scene invbolved a call-out of reality again when a commercial appears to us in the form of a spoof of what watched at the start. This would end up a cleaned-up filmed footage of the Supersave team and the pirates in the same position as where the last scene ended; saying something like "Visit us soon! it be an adventure of a lifetime!"


Well... erm. Yeah.

Mixed ideas of some of the other suggestions and my own. The reason the extended feels so long is because I wanted to share some of the explanations; otherwise it could have been cut in half; as written pre-commentary if you will. Anything can be changed; but I wanted to keep a feel of the original idea with an extra "peace to chaotic" touch. We can talk this through.Sorry again team for the delay; but Pirate stories are not my speciality; as much as we love them. We speak about Louis's idea and... sigh... perhaps this.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Fan-fucking-tastic... but...

Lolz I love the entire idea, though I can see us maybe cutting a few small things when it comes down to production. When we start making this, I advise we start as soon as possible once ALL DESIGNING IS DONE.

Remember the bad experiences with rendering we have always had, so i suggest we try and keep scenes snappy and render out as each scene in modeled, textured and animated.

To minimalize cuts from the final piece, again we should start ASAP and be prepared to work late, especially with the little after-christmas-present dissertation just round the corner.

Overall the final piece as my support okies

Paul: Ah...

Right... so long for the idea. I have had nothing said; I was going to post about this earlier, but... the last post.

I see if anything comes up by tomorrow.

The Final Idea?

OK guys, I was thinking about the film long and hard when I was at work today. I have taken into account, everyone's comments and ideas about the film and it has come to this. Keep in mind, little changes might take place and I am not 100% sure about some aspects but here goes:

The film starts with the super market closing, the security guard flips the sign over at the front door, and then toddles off to his little surveillance room. There is a display at the front of the shop advertising "Petey's Golden Treasure Cereal". In the display there is a treasure map telling customers where the cereal is located in the store. Our three pirates are also on display, we then see them spring into action. Breadbeard tears down the map and hands it to Walker. The pirates jump onto their ship, they the shoot the extinguishers and go propelling forward. The start to tear around the aisles wreaking havoc. The security guard spots them on his CCTV and burst out of his office on his little segway. He catches up with the pirates a little bit but realises that they are moving too quickly for him to catch them. He then puts his segway into turbo, and speeds after them 'Fast and the Furious' style. The pirates spot him and Breadbeard orders Walker to begin firing on him. The security guard starts carving past the cannonballs as he makes a jump and grabs onto the back of the ship. Just as that happens a cannonball hits his segway blowing it up. The security guard clambers onto the ship as Breadbeard turns around and draws his sword. Just then Patches informs the captain that they are about to crash. The ship drives straight into a shelf and crashes on the floor. After looking a bit sick, Breabeard reaches up and grabs the cereal. The security guard staggers out and starts lecturing the pirates on how it is just a box of cereal, and how they are wasting time and have no real purpose. The pirates look genuinely upset. The guard asks them what do they have to say for themselves. Breadbeard pauses and shouts "kick his arse!". The film ends with the guard looking extremely worried.

So that's it guys, there's still things I'm not too sure of like are the Pirates cut outs, or manikins, or even humans that have been waiting there all day. I'm also not sure if the ship should be part of the display or should be a surprise to the audience and come crashing out form behind some boxes.

Anyway there you go. I would like to thank everyone in the group for their constructive comments and ideas.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dean's Ideas

Hi guys, here is a rough idea i have in mind, not great but I'll give it a try.


The story starts with new pirates cut out stands displayed at the front of the store entrance. along with a pile of golden treasure cereals stacked up.. the old pirates (cardboard cut outs)were dumped into the back of the store, ready to be thrown away. one of the characters leg got torn out. (there are also leaflets beside them. there is one poster that shows a map to their treasure. the pirates think its a real map, but its just an poster.) once the supermarket closes and the lights turned off. the pirates comes alive =D


they follow the map to hunt for their treasure, there are things in the store that looks like the things on the map, locations and setups of things are parallel to each other. the pirates believe that their position is the same location as on the map. but they are not (bit confusing i know). they follow the maps and hunt for the treasure.. tbc


not sure how it ends..

Friday, 9 October 2009

Neil Ideas

Here's my crappy plotlines, mates!

Plot 1: The pirates used to be the top cereal in the whole country of pier chest grove (bare with me). People absolutely used to adore them; they were the envy of all the other cereals. That is until one day another cereal knocked them from the top of the shelf. So the three pirates strip themselves from the cereal box and try to get back to the top while carrying their own cereal box with them.

Plot2: The Pirate gang have a rival crew to contend with, in the Produce Aisle. This is basically a shop that bread beard, path and walker are in charge of. However the Sirens, who are women that charm men into doing their bidding and taking their territory. They succeed in kicking the pirates out and they change it into Sirens Aisle. While the pirates are wandering what happened Walker is the first to figure out the sirens weaknesses. So the pirates make a plan to get their shop back and succeed.

Plot3: The Pirates trying to get hold of a certain treasure and they have to enter a drinking contest and win to get it. However they are up against worthy adversaries called the Scalawag crew. Two teams have to see how grog they can each drink, however there’s something wrong with the grog that the pirate crew are drinking. The grog they’re drinking makes them fat with each drink they take in. The scalawag crew are behind the scheme and the pirate must find a way to beat them.

Plot4: Siren Brawl. This plot involves the pirates trying to get through a gate called Anchors pass. However it is being guarded by (yes you guessed it) a siren. These creature of the deep, are known to be half female and half serpent. As the crew reaches anchors pass they encounter her and the ordeal becomes a game of cat and mouse.

This what's gonna happen!

Right, everyone put their thoughts about the story on the blog!

I will review them, and consider all your points.

I will then take aspects that I think are cool.

I will then post a rough version of the final idea, that we can begin working from.
From the meeting toady I already have an idea of where the film is going to end up but I would still like you guys to post in case I have missed any pearls of wisdom!

Tag Lines

In Gareth's class today we were coming up with possible tag lines for the movie.

They were:

"Up your Yaaaaarse!"
"Depp 'aint got S**t on This!"
"It Started As A Treasure Hunt and Ended UP A Trolley Dash"

However the one we chose to use was:

This is my idea. I think that we should run with the original idea however one of the problems is that we need to explain why the pirates are there. So why not have the pirates as card board cutouts at the front of the shop who are part of a display for and advertising campaign. When the shop closes they come alive turn 3D and go about their adventures.

Synopsis... is that some kind of rum?

Good luck with tomorrows meeting; I hope things don't go... astray...

Notice the colour? I am MR TEAL; I am also the rival of Mr Communist. Red is one step closer to EVILLLL. You hear that Michael? You are a bad man and you must be cleased and purged from these posts!

To be honest; I see our project as a comedy; and hopefully our job by the end of ends I hope thet goal comes true and get the audience laughing. But... the things suggested by Mike rather take away this goal and aims towards meaning and "art-house"; AND WHILE this works for some idea; I honestly believe it won't work for this project. Since Pirates in a supermarket is hard enough to explain with a few minutes by itself; so... why stress? But that does not mean we cannot take suggestions and implement them into the final storyboards AKA storyboards 2.0

There was one idea I thought was quite funny, but a little too complex for a minor narrative like this. It involved the Pirates being "won" and bounded to the supermarket after a company gambling night went wrong; and... neither of the players in the game wanted these lunatics anywhere near their workplace. But just saying this you can see how confusing it can get; and I can bet YOU, that you didn't even read that idea without cringing. But one thing does stay in mind though; they have to be REAL PIRATES. Not ghosts, not mental patiences, and not cereal-box characters coming to live

It could end up LIKE THIS............................. without Phil Hartman.
And please note that just because I use red to write this picture-note; it does NOT affiliate me with communists, or chinese people in general. Thank you for reading this message.

Anyway enough distractions. The "current" idea I have in mind involves the Supermarket being pillaged by our Pirate characters. This is the third strike in the same week and the Pirates themselves cannot be found through camera or evidence to where they keep coming from.

So the supermarket staff get fed up and call in a group of Historical Exterminators; which deal with these kinds of people. Upon the next day the exterminators have set-up gadgets and devices to counter these Pirates when they next strike. Hours later, the pirates strike as predicted as they are "traced" to behind the supermarket wall where their den is found and...
You know; this is why complicated rubbish doesn't get mentioned.
THIS IS NOT MY FINAL IDEA; and its going to be scrapped. Just a thought.

Now time for cough medicine...

Writing from the hellhole. damn those reds...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ok here’s my idea, it's not that original, but here we goes...

There are people in this world who have spent their whole life dedicated doing their job, however when time passed by the society no longer needs them anymore. It’s pretty sad…

So once upon a time, in a supermarket, 3 old pirates struggle to find their treasure. In fact, they don’t know what their treasure is anymore…in this big damn hurry world where everything moves the way too fast and too complicated for them. Still pretty sad…

One day when the 3 old pirates shipping in a shopping trolley trying to stealthily hijack a box of cereal. They got catch!!! by a supermarket employee. The commodore ordered to strike. The employee then got hit…hit…hit…then he got pissed and shout out to the old pirates:

‘All right stop this NONSENSE! ‘

Pirates shocked

Then the employee said something that deeply hurt their feelings…(I haven’t work out what yet…)

Pirates look upset. Like kids, looking downwards…how sad this sense is!

Then the employee realised he was too harsh, and said:

‘But I didn’t mean to….’ (Basically I’m sorry and cheer up.)

After 2 second of silence, one of the pirate suddenly pointing at something else in the shop. Then they carry on… here a twist of their enmotions.

generally about the blog....

I think we have to get the blog organised in order to read who's idea is whose.... at the moment it's all in a bit chaos.

I surgest a quick solution maybe ..each one of us choose a colour for their texts?


because I'm more communism than you are. lol

ideas continued...

My idea is similar to the origional idea, with the pirates of the previous ad campaign shopping in a supermarket only to discover new mascots for their old product [could be cereal or something] advertising. Breadbeard and Patches hijack the ship used for the advert in a typical pirate fashion, jumping on top of shelves and swinging off lights to board the ship, whilst Walker rams trolleys underneath and rigs fire extinguishers to the back, he jumps on the ship and shoots to sending the ship flying around the supermarket crashing into things while the new and old mascots duel it out, the ship crashes into a large billboard for the advert and security surround them like the old storyboard.

A few things, first being the other mascots, weather they're more modern pirates in contrast to the more traditional ones?, or are they just different guys dressed in a similar manner, insulting our heros who concider themselves real pirates? Also i got no idea how its gunna end, but this can all be discussed in meetings...

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

Sorry for my quick departure today. I was not feeling too good and ad to leave halfway through the meeting! Anyway I though I would list my ideas, and thoughts.

1. I thought we could have our pirates fighting with the old pirates who are mascots. I know Mike has had an incredibly similar idea...but great minds think alike. We could have them scaling the shelves, having epic battles and such. We could even have the current Breadbeard face off against the old one. We could then have a new box of the cereal emerge in the shop with the new redesigned mascots on it!

2. The Pirates are employees of the super market who are there to help the customers but when they spy their gold, go beserk and rampage. They can hide the ship behind a stack of boxes and then just burst through them.

3. Just keep the old idea and add a new begining and end onto it. The could start with illusrations of breadbeard's childhood showing his love for treasure (possibly he could even have a beard when he was a toddler). We could end it with the pirates getting arested. Patches points to a policeman's badge and shouts "TREASURE" then Breadbeard burst out of the hand cuffs and charges toward the policeman.

So here are the ideas guys. Tell me what you think. We shall have a group meeting tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some ideas...

Hey guys I got some ideas which we could put into the animation...

1) Pillaging a shelf of jam (or whatever u want it to be) with a tied up clerk on the floor and Walker unenthusiastically examining a jar of 'rare jam'

2) Swigging a tankard of milk rather than rum, with only Walker realising that it's milk

3) Manage to get thrown on top of the shelves of the store and go on a wild uncontrolable race across them with only Breadbeard unaware of the danger they are in

4) Patches gets dropped off the back of the ship with a rope accidentally tied around his ankle and gets dragged about and thrown against everything as the ship zooms around the store

5) Patches tied to the front of the ship badly dressed up like a mermaid

6) Walker spoofs 'Steam Boat Willy' while steering the ship and whistling

7) Telescope is actually a hollowed out stick of bread with lenses on each end

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Hey guys I posted a rant on my blog...feel free to check it out!

Monday, 5 October 2009


Ahoy land lovers! Here be booty; says I!

Ok ok. This is a preview of the supermarket itself; while I already planned that we are far from the final design of the area; I wanted to show what would be available and from here we could create alternative routes and possible changes to the script....... I have no idea what I'm talking about; but hay; I did drawings with it too! Ohhhh...

The colours man...
Again, like the above "brownprint"; this is only early work on the concept of the supermarket itself. I just wanted to show what could be a possible outcome to the design of the setting; though I think the green-ish colours a little distracting if we're going to concentrate on the trolley-boat itself.
Now we play the game of find the "Pringles"!
Go on! Try it!

This was originally planned as another biro + digital painted work but well... erm... I'm a good worker. Really!
I had an idea of an alternative ending to the story would feature the capture of the Petey's Golden Treasure Breakfast Cereal but surrounded by Security workers AND the police; outside the supermarket itself. I originally saw the store on a second floor- shopping mall; and the picture shows the characters crashed in between the two floors; crashed in a interior garden-pool.
Anyway... how this happens; I'm not sure as of yet; but possibilities of one of the customers buying the ceral and pondering to the direction of the enterance is an option... though as said; undecided.
... I write too much.

More will come; depending on tomorrow's meeting. Most of the work in progress will be available in my blogwhichisn'tupyetsincei'mtoolazytomakeitrightnow. Enjoy the show!

I won't make any more pirate puns.

A pick me up!

After our story set backs today i decided to post up some inspirational stuff from the bastards at Les Gobelins (god I hate them). Anway here ya go!

Story Nuked!

Hey guys the meeting with Mike and Dave was interesting. They raised some good points...mainly 'Why'. We went through so many ideas, are they toys, are they mascots, do they exist within the box? Soooooo many things. We should all take a night to come up with some ideas and meet first thing tomorrow!

In other less grimlike news:

Captain Haddock approves of this blog!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Somethin' ta shoot for!

Hey yall! These are some images of some animations/games that I think look pretty cool. Some of these are shots from 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs', 'Up' and 'Coraline'. Obviously our film isn't going to look as good as these (look as good as Up...fat chance), but I really like the look. some of these shots are from the new 'Ratchet and Clank' game...which is a little bit closer to what we can do, but if we managed to make the film look as good as it I would be really pleased. The other images are of 3d models that someone made based on the artwork of Sean Galloway (one of my favourite artists).

Storyboards pt1

Here we go guys heres the pencil storyboards...some shot need to be changed but I think it can wait 'till after our chat with Mike Smith and Dave Bull.