Sunday, 30 May 2010

Shot 46


Shot 42 re-animating part 2


Made the animation faster, still needs work. Any tips would be helpful.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010



I will need them to put into the animatic. If anyone does email me or put a post on adrive, shoot me a text so I can know immediately, or call me!


The animatic is on my blog guys!

Monday, 24 May 2010


Hi All, I've done the beaten up guard texture! I gave him a black eye and some scratches. What do you think?

MelonDodge - Playblast v4

Hi Everyone - ain't it awesome weather we're having at the moment - FRACKING AMAZING!

This is the altered playblast of the melon dodge sequence. The second and third melon shots now hit the ground more or less at the same time as the bottles now and I have increased the blast radius and initial blast speed for that more Joel Shumacher look. We need to add tyre and spring deformation now for added realism which I'll be doing once the final animation of the guard has been tweaked. Comments people - good and bad naturally!


Sunday, 23 May 2010


I just wanted to say good luck with the final film
Sorry for any troubles, but I just like to move on for now. I hope my leaving hasn't disrupted too much. Neither will I be on the showing day, it wouldn't be right.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Compositing Test


For Lewis

Hey Lewis, if you have the time you can Download the file ALLCUTOUT_FOR_LEWIS.mb under my name on Adrive and make the card board. because the previous one cant be used =( dont know how to explain but its difficult.. If you can add the textures on the characters and render from the camera: RENDERCUTOUT.. then photo shop it that be cool.. but its jus needed for post production i suppose.


Hey guys let me know what you think.. there is a green background because the character pulls backwards as well. so i thought i have a green block so we can key it out in post production.

but as you can see the hip control poly dont render out because it has no texture or lambert to it. =)

video v1
video v2

videov2 with texture

Thursday, 20 May 2010

shot 36

This is the playblast for shot 36, also feast your eyes on the pics up above. Pretty pleased with the animating today.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

shot 2 re hashed and patches in air touch up


new sip shot made it better today.


patches flying in air. any feedback much welcome

Shot 34


Made some more tweaks to the animation on this one. Fingers no longer look like they're playing Casio keyboard. The one below is the newer version.




shot 2 re done

this top one is the shot before i made some minor tweaks.


this is the latest one. gunna try polish of some more of my shots now =)

Shot 70 and 34 redone


Tried to make that smile better. Since the guard has a black right eye, I didn't think it would make sense for him to open it as wide as his left one.


Also managed to manage that hat as well. No more crazy spacking out, that 'the hats got its own personality' excuse is gone now.'



Tuesday, 18 May 2010


... at college the render farm completed the scenes from the Guard Duck scene. 2 of which didnt render but those can be done locally at any time. But anyway, Alec very kindly quickly threw together this short sample of the scene in After Effects...


Cloud Lightening Sequence.

The shot was submitted yesterday, but I've got to confess it doesn't please me yet. So a new version will be ready for tomorrow. It looks too flat, too sedentary, so I'm using the same basis but just doing some position and perspective changes to make it look less flat and a little more dynamic.

Monday, 17 May 2010

new animatic,

i put the new animatic on my blog, but dont look at it...just dont

shot 14


shot 14 lewis all done in time uploading to a drive now in my folder woooh.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

shots 67, 71 & 72




All my alocated shots are complete.

Shots 66, 68 and 70




Another batch. only 3 more to do, so let me know if y'all digg these.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Guys I neeeeeed all of your Maya shots uploaded to Adrive tomorrow, I have to put them all together in premiere for Alan. When you have uploaded the files, text me and let me know, also tell me the file names and where you have put it.

Also guys, please name you files after the shots eg. 'Shot_39'. I don't want to see 'breadbeard_angry_face_ver7'. Trust me it will make it so much easier when setting shots up to render too!

shot 63-65




Friday, 14 May 2010

New Shots

Heres some new shots, Breadbeard 360 still needs touching up and the lower one is just half of a single scene. (Due to Blogspot not uploading my videos at the moment i've put a link to the videos on

Breadbeard 360

Current Ammo

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shot 49


This one was a pain guys, a real pain. We need turn down the ol' giggly wiggly in this one!

Melon Pick Up so far...


Just a review of what's taken place on the melon pick up since I left it. After looking at the animatic this animation is obviously too long. Put too much ephasis on the weight and him handling it. In the animatic he handles it with ease, so I guess I can show weight, just make it quicker.

Shot 34


I saw the Casper closet scene that Lewis mentioned, helped to get a really clear idea of what he was looking for. This is the first attempt. The eccentric spacking out must have been left over from the previous shot, by accident. I think this one is too frantic but here it is if you like it. Making the guard go off screen was annoying as hell, unable to parent it pproperly because of guard or scooter justgoes to another location, I had to do them seperately. One word, Grrrrr!!!!


This one is more believable. Believe it! Take your pick.



ok added on my bit where the kart turns around and zooms of the screen. all the first stuff is toms work. gave this file to tom to add in twitching after he rats down on the chair. also tom will hopefully polish of my work with the arms and hands maybe.? but this shot is well funny tho. as you think hes dead lol but he not.

Rendering Results

Got this two frames from Tom this morning. The entire shot is not finished yet so we can't see it in motion. Its on about 85%.

Apart from a stupid mistake - got the wall turned off in layers - it looks fine. And I know how to fix it so STOP WHINING. Tom if you are looking at this, as we have discussed, in maya shift select all the light and the wall and nothing else, on the right where the layers are, click on renders and create new layer.(like creating a occulution layer but you dont change the attribute) That should do. It shouldn't take that long to render on a local machine. Then we can just compose that in.

Second thing is...In the 1st frame you can see the background is empty, we can fix that by either starting this shot at frame 10(ish) so that you dont see it OR we can render out another layer and compose them in. Which ever way? its up to Lewis.

Oh, the motion blur at frame 52 (second picture) may looks a bit over the top, but I'm holding on for all the render to be finished and see the whole thing before deciding whether we need to change that or not because it may looks better in motion.

So yeah..

If there is anything else....the scooter black...due to the reason... you know..(still missing texturing OMG!) I think we should just keep it black. Looks alright in action.


I've been trying to upload the character texture jpegs on the adrvie for dean since 8 this morning. I keep getting errors. Can either Tom or Mu give it a go.

Dean, if you get the files and you are having problems with the textures just get the animations down. I will do the texturing for you next week if need be!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sup guys, is it possible for whoever has the textures for the Pirates to upload them onto ADrive if possible.

Shot 25,27,32 & 34


Shot 25


Shot 27


Shot 34


Our very first shot is on render farm! WEEEEEEEEEEEE

lets hope it works.

drive up progress 2



This is the drive close up I just did.I especially like the hat movement at the end, go me! (that was kinda gay) anyway let me know if y'all digs.

Cut-Outs Image

I've created all of the cardboard cut-outs and am now preparing for set dressing.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Shot 35


This one was a nightmare. Midday through the day it was going so badly, but I managed to pull it together. Not too bad eh?

Melon Dodge Sequence VidDiary 3

Some new RnD from the weekend. Progress is going well.....more soon....





Monday, 10 May 2010

Lightning sequence Timing for J.B!

Hey J.B, here are the times for the shots you asked for!

Camera 2: 1 sec

Camera3: 2 sec

Camera4: 2 sec

Camera5: 2 sec

Camera 6: between 3-4 sec

Return to Camera 4 for ending: 3 sec

Torch Finish!


Finally, it is finished. Now on to the other shots.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shot 51_breadbeard lands, Shot 31_listen Lad


Okay think i finished all my shots now, been combing through them and fixed a lot of the lil problems :)


little update of the listen lad line, just put Walker in, just did some real quick movement on him.

Shot overload!


this is my tweaking of Hayley's animation!


I did this one in between working at my job today, half done!


Shot 30 DONE!