Friday, 7 May 2010

Shot 50 ver 1.2 _Progress on Breadbeard's Bullet time summersault

this is a work in progress, will be working on this till i got it smooth.

i have been through afew different versions of this jump, this one looks pretty gymnast like, if you want it to look more "spider-man" like, him pirouetting through the air, spinning more i can have another go, but i may need the weekend to do it.

i think i will have this finished by tonight.


  1. we all loved it in class. lewis said to maybe sort out his shoulders a bit. and his feet when he rolls in the air tom said. but we all really liked it really kool indeed!!

  2. brilliant, but perhaps you should add a bit more emphasis on the arms when he's about to land

    We couldn't see very well but did u put facial expressions on him?

  3. thanks for the feedback guys, yeah its unfinished, sofar i got the arms and legs in there, am doing the knees and elbows

    am just smoothing it out so his actions look more gradual.

    i will ad his facial expressions in last :)

    Thanks guys :)

  4. nice work alex, dont forget his sword ;)

  5. no worries the swords going on soon, just getting his actions smoothed out.