Friday, 30 April 2010

guard reach (final?)

Lightening RnD

I've not written in a long, long time but I'm hitting back with a massive upload of intel. First off I finally received the final environment, which comes in at a massive 220,000+ polygons. I had to first off get non-essential objects into different layers, so that I could even manipulate the model environment. I imported the awesome animation created by Tom, and then positioned it into the right place on the environment.

In total over 48 lightening dynamic strikes were used to create the effect we needed. To match the movement of the lightening to Tom's animation I parented each of the lightening control points to a bone. In this way where ever the bone, the lightening follows. I also keyed all of the lightening strikes to follow what was required from the shot sequence.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hey Guys. It took a good part of the day but here's Patches all textured up. I think the occlusion layer was a little too heavy in this render, it's tooo dark! But anyway, let me know what you think!


The expressions look nice thanks to the AWSOME blendshapes. It works. Everything works. Including the rig! You just need to spend a bit more time to get used to it before start animating. Trust me, if you don't - it will get onto your nerve.

I was bored today with the bloody environment and did this. Somehow I have a feeling it's better to finish off the 'stuffing' on the shelves after all the animation including camera works are done. Otherwise it would just crash. I'm still not sure about how much referencing objects into the scene (instead of just import them in and duplicate them) can help with saving memory and rendering time.

Guard reach shot

This is what i have done so far today. will do more on it tomorrow

shot 37 guard

did this shot yesterday thought id share it with the rest :P

Guard Hit By Lightning Tests

Hey Guys, I was looking into the Guard being hit by lightning too and started by moving the arm like on the animatic but it looks too quick or the movements are too big, so I have been playing with making the movements smaller, which are the other two videos. Let me know which you prefer!

I havent animated the back arm as I do not have the claw yet.

And Tom I like the way your guard shakes, maybe we could combine mine and yours if you show me which controllers you moved and the timing for that it may look quite effective together?

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Hi guys heres Breadbeard's texturing so far, it looks OK but there are little parts that I do not like, mainly the beard. It will be sorted out though!

Scene 54: Sword Clash

Here is the first part of the scene whereby Breadbeard and the Guard will clash sword vs. claw after Breadbeard has landed on the front of his fatmobile. At the moment there has been no animation but the position is almost there...

Scene 46: Duck!!!

This scene is where the guard is speeding down the aisle, looks behind him and sees Patches, who had been shot from a cannon flying towards him and ducks to avoid the little flying pirate.

At the moment this is merely just a block out. I will need to adjust the speeds and add some detail to the animation, thank you for input there Alec...

Scene 17-18: Zap...

Here is Scene 17-18 where the guard gets electrocuted by lightning, minus the lightning effect...

Scare progress 1 or 2?

Need to add more tweaks, the shaking seem a bit much to me. Needs some finer movements, also I added a little hat animation, enjoy.



Monday, 26 April 2010

Guard shot (final) stare shot

did 3 versions of this shot, this was the final one i liked the others are on my blog =).

Guard Scare

This is only to inspire me on how to make it more funny but, here ya go.

Lookin around progress 2

This is the alternate blink, Lew says that his blinking looks weird because his eyelids close in the middle the top eye lid closes 70% more than the botom eye lid. Percetptive of him, since I never realised it before. Again more tweaks to be made, eyes need to dart around more sharply, eyebwors need a bit more tweaking and the jiggle deformer is up to Tom I think to sort out. I ahve the basic cut down version of the environment to animate in now. As for the stuff the guard carries, Ashley may or may have not put them up on A-Drive.


Some more tweaks made that was necassary, Mu made gave me another tweak to do. The bit where the guard looks up with his eyes and looks down. There should be a blink in between those 2 movements, so I did. Take a look. Will be animating in the aisle next.

Look around alternative

This is basically the same as the last, I put less turns in his head because he looked like he was panicking and I took out 1 blink there were 3 blinks in total before. Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated. Need to starts animating with the environment, I'll check on A-Drive to see if any of the lates files has been posted, including the items the Guard needs.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Lookin around progress 1

Here is the guard looking around... again more work to be done but I'll get there. it getts sort of confusing know which key frame belongs to which blendshape. Let me know if y'all digs.

Below are some images and a playblast of the test for the profile pullout shots. theres some minor problems though. if you move back too much.. the model will deform and pull out from the back... currently there isn't any texture so you cant really tell the 2D - 3D profile difference. it works.. but need more experiment to resolve this n make it work well.

anyway, more updates soon..

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Guard Texture

Hey guys, I have been texturing the Guard all day and this is the result. It is the first time I have textured a character. There was one problem, with his badge, I could not get the UV's for it, even when I clicked on it. Weird, but anyway, please comment and tell me what you think.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Texture test

Hey Team! I've been texturing all day. It's the first time I've ever done it so, i was sort of fumbling around a bit. I've done more than this but this is just a taster of whats to come. Please give feedback on what you think!

patches in the air (final)

i started this shot today. I am liking it =). flappy arms lol. its more of less finished now. couldn't add the hair jiggle as i accidentally used one of the old patches rigs lol =(

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A bit more progress on Melon

A little more progress, done my best regarding the leg as he shifts it to support himself. The arms don't come as high as before however they will do. Phase 1 of the animation is complete, now onto phase 2, in whuch Patches makes an even bigger effort to carry the melon.


This one has a little more progress, just cocentrating on block outs still.

Hey guys, did some test driving of the guard Rig yesterday


Hey guys, Alex here just testing out the guard rig, is well designed, esy to use and understand.
as u can see there's still some improvements to be made, is there going to be an updated version with his claw extendo arm?

Thanks guys,
best of luck

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Melon Pick Up progress 1

If I haven't said it before here I'll say it now. My animations at the beginning always looks robotic and not fluid at the beginning, it's just that I like to show progress of all block out movemnets then work my way in finessing it. I think Patches needs a mid torso control aswell, not just one at the crutch. Because he can't bend at the upper torso, I'm forced to make him pick up the melon like he's Robocop. Anyways stay tuned.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Some Animation Inspiration Guys!


ok did some more to this shot. added some facial expressions to patches when he turns around. imagine a stupid sound when he turns back lol. this is play blasted closer for u all to see. couldnt work on it much more or start the other shots and i forgot my laptop charger today =( see u all wensday

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Right guys, I'm at an interview tomorrow so I can't come in. Tom and Mu are in charge in my absence, but in case they forget this is your to do list.

Josh: Keep animating

Ash: Get texturing on the Environment

Dean: Finish the environment

Neil: Begin Animation

J.B: Tweak the scooter to make a beat up version of it.

Tom: You know what you've got to do.

Mu: Same thing with you Mu. But can you sort out some deadlines for the second years.

See you Wednesday guys!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shot 32

Hi guys, this is some animation for shot 32, where the guard is frantically looking around. It still needs some work. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Friday, 16 April 2010


Anyone seen 'The Ring'?

This was the guard's model before Tom sent me the new one. I only moved him a little and he began to melt. The new one is better, but only slightly. He still can't really move his back and arms all too much. But I can work with him for the weekend! However, the pictures above look like something out of a Japanese horror movie!

The Guard...

Here it is, the guard in all his glory... so far. All that is left is to texture him and rig up his scooter. Special thanks to everyone involved in the process of making the guard...

need to stay home and do ppd today =(

i think its best if i stay home and do my ppd. i got work all day tomorrow so chances are i wont do it then. and Sunday i could do it but i tired that day and rest lol. See u guys Monday!.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Images for the website!

This is a piece of concept art showing all of our characters, The Guard, Walker, Captain Breadbeard and Patches.

An occlusion render of Patches. The plucky little so and so is looking rather chipper!

The box of 'Golden Treasure' Cereal. The item which all of our characters are after.


Shot 30 Update

Hey guys, I've animated patches allot more now. I realised in my original version he turned around twice, which with the speed looked stupid so i took on turn away. I also added more hand, arm and finger animations. I have not touched the line editor yet. What does everyone think, comments from other groups are welcome!

patches hitting wall (final)

ok this is the shot in its final version unless anything you all feel needs to be changed. I will email this to dan dali to see what he also thinks. hehe J

Patches strikes a pose...

Heres Patches striking a pose during Scene 39 'passing the watermelon' scene...

Scene 39 update

Here i decided to have a go at doing scene 39 where Patches picks up the watermelon before he hands it to Walker...

Click below for to see a larger version on youtube...

Wednesday, 14 April 2010


The new shot allocations list is on the public folder!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Patches Update!

Hi Guys, this is how I've gotten on with Patches so far! Not good is the answer! This is some shameful animation. The keys poses suck, and it's too stiff. I've been battling the rig and there are some limitations. I have to animate the hands and for some reason I could not move the fingers? Tom. MU! Help me you are my only hope!

Monday, 12 April 2010


1. Opening Pan (Mu)
2. Sip (Josh)
3. Guard Starts Moving (Neil)
4. Storm (J.B)
5. Guard Scared (Neil)
6. Torch Roll (Neil)
7. Guard spots cereal (Ash)
8. First Pan-Drop (Ash)
9. Box Aura (Mu)
10. Guard Zoom-Drive (Neil)
11. Pull Up
12. Guard Reach (Josh)
13. Reach Profile (Neil)
14. Idea Guard (Paul)
15. Claw Grab (Paul)
16. Lightning Strike (J.B)
17. Zap Profile (J.B) (second Years)
18. Zap Angle (J.B) (second years)
19. Cut out Zap (J.B)
20. Lights Up (J.B) (second years)
21. Zap Stop (second years)

22. Turn Around (Josh)
23. BreadBeard Reach (Dean)
24. Pull Out Profile (Dean)

25. Guard Gasp (Lewis)
26. 360 Breadbeard (Tom)
27. Rising Fear (Lewis)
28. “Walker! Patches!” (?)
29. Guard Head Shake (Lewis)
30. “He’s Got our Treasure!” (Lewis)
31. “Listen Lad” (?)
32. Guard Scared (Lewis)
33. “Whatcha Say?” (Lewis)
34. Guard Scream (Lewis)
35. “He’s Getting Away Captain” (Stu)
36. Corner Chase (Mu)
37. Guard Look Back (second years)
38. “FIRE!” (Josh)
39. Patches Pick up (Second Year)
40. Patches Hand Over (Second Year)
41. Walker Fire (J.B) (?)
42. BAY Watermelon Shot (J.B) (?)
43. “Current Ammo” (Tom)
44. Patches Notice (Second Year)
45. Patches Fire (Josh)
46. Guard Duck (Tom)
47. Patches Scream (Josh)
48. Wall Smack (Josh)
49. “I got’s to do everything!” (?)
50. Slo Mo Jump (?)
51. Breadbeard Land (?)

52. Breadbeard Rise (?)
53. Unsheathe (?)
54. Sword Clash! (Tom)
55. NEVEEER! (?)
56. Sword Fling (?)
57. Rope Cut (second year)
58. Rope Drop (second Year)

59. Boat Fly (Mu)
60. Uh Oh (second Year)(?)
61. Boat Land (?)
62. Let’s Get Lost (Lewis)
63. Clunky Wheel (Neil)
64. Guard Reveal (Neil)
65. Drive By (Neil)
66. Guard Stare (Ash)
67. Cereal Pan (Mu)
68. Guard Stare 2 (Ash)
69. Cereal Aura (Mu)
70. Guard Smile (Ash)
71. Drive Down (Ash)
72. Last Reach (Neil)
73. Turn Around (?)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

A quick update to what's going on this week.

Alright lads, check out this week's avaliable shots and if you haven't got any shot to do better pick one asap, or else it will be shipped to the second years.

Patches is 100% ready for animation. The guard still need a little work to the fingers' rig then we are good to go, shouldn't take more than 2 days so you can still start picking shots. Also the captain should be finished before the end of this week.

My first animation test

Here is a short bit of test animation I did with the Patches rig. I only spent bout 45 - 60 minutes on it though and didn't focus on the finger movements, mostly the body action and a bit of the facial expressions...

Go to the link if you want to see a larger version...
Hi guys, Monday I have to go along with my mum to sort out some stuff. Don't think I can make it in tomorrow. Hope this is okay, I thought I let you guys know.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hey guys, I thought I'd make a dent into our animation by doing Patches one and only piece of dialogue. I've only animated the lips, but It only took me two hours. Been doing PPD most of the day. Let me know what you guys think. Remember it is just the lips I animated!

Friday, 9 April 2010

The Scooter thing that the guard rides on

You wanted it Pimped out lol.

patch flying shot (test)

did this today its ok. Its good that im getting a lot of animation test practice in for the final shots lol.

Thursday, 8 April 2010



patches hitting wall lolzzzz

ok started this at lunch time and more or less finished this for a (TEST ONLY) took me longer then first thought. its not great and its not shit its in between. But will need lewis to sit with me to check exactly how he wants it to be with the timeing and stuff. i looked at the animatic for this aswell which helped alot. but imagine this with its sound and thud ok thats what u gotta think about. animaton looks balls without the sound. anyway the rig aint bad its workable and would do i think. i cant comment tho on lip sync as i havnt tested that with him yet

The Patches Rig

Right Guys. There are some issues with the rig. The whole thing is not user friendly at all. The arms and legs don't work, especially the arms, It's quite limiting. We need to sort this out. I can't even animate with it. The head on the other hand is quite good. The jaw control is nice and the eye and head are fine. The blend shapes work quite well but there is just one problem. You can't see what you've keyed, I.E, it doesn't come up on the bar or in the line graph. This means you can't use the graph editor for the face. This is bad.

However, I have tested the blends out on a little lip sync, check it and see.

More Asset Models

Below are just some more assets and models that I created yesterday. there are a lot of just boxes and bulk stacks of cardboard boxes. but I'm thinking these are being UV textured using bump map so this isn't a big deal. boxes such as the following assets can be made using textures.

  • multi-pack cans of beers
  • washing power
  • cereal boxes
  • cereal bars
  • books and magazines

new lipsync test

did this yesterday lol. its another test. I am using the patches rig today to start practicing one of the shots. will upload it onto here later when ive finished it lol.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Assets

These are the assets that i have created to make the environment of each scene. more to come..