Monday, 26 April 2010

Lookin around progress 2

This is the alternate blink, Lew says that his blinking looks weird because his eyelids close in the middle the top eye lid closes 70% more than the botom eye lid. Percetptive of him, since I never realised it before. Again more tweaks to be made, eyes need to dart around more sharply, eyebwors need a bit more tweaking and the jiggle deformer is up to Tom I think to sort out. I ahve the basic cut down version of the environment to animate in now. As for the stuff the guard carries, Ashley may or may have not put them up on A-Drive.


Some more tweaks made that was necassary, Mu made gave me another tweak to do. The bit where the guard looks up with his eyes and looks down. There should be a blink in between those 2 movements, so I did. Take a look. Will be animating in the aisle next.

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