Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Seeing as we are all greasy little students, some of us have probably never visited the fruit n' veg section of a super market as it is not usually on the way to the kebab house! Anyway, for those who do not know....THIS IS PRODUCE!!!!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Goal

Hey guys this is a trailer for the new 'Ratchet and Clank' game. The trailer is funny and fast passed, so it is very useful to study it. Hopefully the film will look as good as this does!

Character Designs

Here we have Walker. He is supposed to do all of the menial jobs around the ship, but he thinks he is far too much of a snob to do them. I based Walker's designs off of bird like flamingos as I think they look quite arrogant. You can see how his nose is quite beak like. I made his outfit look more regal than the other pirates (take note of his ascot), he thinks he is better dressed than the other pirates.
This is Patches. He is a plucky young fellow who absolutely adores the Captain. He is the first mate on the ship and really does everything. I wanted him to be a little fellow so the Captain can beat him up easily. He naturally has an eye patch (hence his name), but i also made him wear much plainer clothes than the Captain as he is the first mate.

This is Captain Breadbeard. He is very brash and load (think of a combination between Brian Blessed and Rip Torn). He is obsessed with getting his golden treasure. I gave him a beard to pay homage to Brian Blessed. I wanted to keep his colours mainly blue to signify the sea.
Here is a little design for the pirates' ship. As you can see, they are attached to shopping trolleys. The ship is not very large,, as it has to fit inside a super market.
Here are two of my supporting characters. the first is a little old lady who the pirates shoot at with their cannon. The other is a security guard, i wanted him to look middle aged and fat. I'm not entirely happy with the old lady so i will probably have to redesign the characters.
Hello again. Here are my early concept designs for the film. This shows the main characters as well as some supporting characters. I also threw in a concept for the ship. It's early days so there might be some tweaking involved.