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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Concept: Guard

Paul: 4 of... well 4.

*gasp*... its here...
... *gasp*...
...Now shuddup'!
... *gasp*...

...They be on the disc for Friday; don't worry. The files will be part of our group CD; we can talk about this tod-I mean tomorrow.

Good old Cheese of the Gods; tastes like Divine. Some of the drawings like the Crazy Italiens and Mean Beans didn't go according to plan... oh well. I need an easier way of tidying these pictures uo... takes too long, damn scanner.

The "Ice Cream" is an experimental item which may be the majority of the props seen around the store. From the previous posts by Louis; I'm guessing "Yum N Yum" is now our Store name. Using this; I will brand every product affilated with the store itself. Oh, and the magazine... yeah... what was I on...
...Also while we're here' do you recommend anything else to put on own discs? I mean... fill it up with as most as possible and all...

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Golden Treasure!

Oh Boy! Yummy Nummy Cereal! Don't worry Paul I'm not stealing your job. I'd just thought I'd give a stab at some asset designs. I based the box off of a 50's style cereal design. I just think they look really simple and cool. This picture turned out better thought it would. I thought it would look awful!

Monday, 23 November 2009

Lighting Tutorial

Hey guys I found this lighting tutorial on YouTube. This guy shows lots of cheating ways to make a movie look good! His website is

(Mike) and everyone else check his stuff!


Well Done Guys! All in all I think the presentation went pretty well. Yeah sorry about the morning though Tom. Anyway guys make sure you complete all your stuff for Thursday now!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Paul: 2 of 4

No NOT Cylons...
Ok I didn't manage to get all four concepts up today; but here are the first two. I see what I can do tomorrow. Blame Left 4 Dead 2 for that one (I've been waiting for it all year as well...)
Enjoy! Good luck on monday y'all!

Delicious pizza is delicious. Would you ever find batteries this cool?

The Meat-Ins package was originally blue; but it didn't create the "beans" technique of showing an opposite colour of the food. Nevertheless; teal became its replacement keeping my original idea + more effective. The package logo was meant to be screwed up; inspired by "Floaties Pizza Hog" from "Invader Zim" Cartoon series; only Jhonen Vasquez can do stuff like that...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cereal Box Inspiration!

LISTEN UP! When good ol' Quirkey was finding random boxes of cereal to decorate his lighting test with he found two hilarious spoof cereal boxes ('Zombie Guts' and 'Tinkles'). These images were from a special Halloween collection called 'Cereal Killers', where various artist drew spoofs of cereal boxes. I have given some examples here. THIS is what some of our boxes need to look like. These are funny but they actually look like real cereal boxes. Not the free toys, mascots and branding. This is the quality that the 'Golden Treasure Cereal' should look like!

P.S If you want to check more of these cool boxes out, the website is...


Hey guys, here's my new poster. Gareth said my old poster was washed out and would not work as a small business card or DVD cover. So I decided to simplify it, and make it more like the style of my artwork for the film. I also took on board what people said, when they mention that all the pirates should be seen (like Paul's). I was inspired by the artwork of the communist propaganda poster of Russia. They have very bold and stark colours. I also implemented elements of the Star Wars movie poster. All in all it turned out better than I thought it would!

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Walker Model

Finally, guys here the Walker model. Sorry for the delay. I realised that he looks a bit like a fish from his front view!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Paul: Cereaooooh

Hi guys. I was expecting to see what the cereal box would look like' I sent the textures to Michael a few days ago and... I havn't seen it yet.

But I wanted to show you an example for the textures for our work. We can use this cereal box for our demostration. Enjoy!
ALSO... no more teal writing. I hate using it here..................... but I love that colour!

It isn't a "pure" square model. The right-side of the cereal box has been brought out to represent the cover of the box; given a bit more realism and convincing look for the cereal box.

Obviously not the final texture unless you want it... but its final for showing and for the animatic. I could have spent a bit more time blending the edges; but its not that big of a deal. It should be great once rendered!

Don't worry JB. Dummy will have it's own cereal box...

Delicious copy N pasted work from google. Then again; I could have scanned it. No big deal; they won't read it!

Louis check this out. I've made a test-backstory of who Petey is; as well as using an old drawing for good use. It's not final but you could implement it and change it to fit the backstory if you like... also; I used your animatic drawing + slight change since I wanted to show out main Pirate characters on the cereal box itself; works quite well actually...

Of course; it's not rendered. Actually Mental Ray was having some setting problems; but we can look into this so it works fine for pre-production. All of the food will have logos similar to this prototype texture; but though not as detail. The other food might have a logo or detail at the front only as to save time and wasted effort. I shall be on the work for more modelling right now; should have uploaded that test Salad Cream bottle; oh well.

... also while I'm here I also want to say sorry if there was any troubles with me this week; you know... "that". It passes.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Hey guys if you want to hear the music I've chosen for the film. Head over to my blog!

Script version 2

Pretty self explanatory really!

By Lewis Drew Taylor

Pan out from sign displaying the offer of the new ‘Petey’s Golden Treasure Cereal’ revealing the display.
A can is thrown into a trash bin. The camera pans right to reveal The Guard leaning back on his chair.
Guard picks his teeth, then his stomach rumbles. He leans into his security room and stares at the CCTV screens. There he sees the camera pointing to the cereal display. He licks his lips, jumps off his chair and sits in his mobility scooter. We see him tacking off down the aisle.
The cereal is on its display stand looking extremely desirable. The guard pulls up in front of it and is eclipsed by its huge shadow. The cereal has an angelic aura around it. The guard tries to reach the cereal without leaving his scooter. He looks disappointed but then has an idea. The next shot is of his claw grabber grabbing the cereal.
The guard puts the cereal box in his arms, turn around and drives off. The camera pans in on the cutout of Breadbeard. The guard licks his lips. Breadbeard’s cut-out suddenly frowns and smirks. The guard is getting ready to open the box. Breadbeard begins to pull himself out of his cut out. Breadbeard becomes 3dimensional and lands, powerfully down on the floor.
Patches and walker pull themselves out their cut-outs.
Walker, Patches. Looks like we got ourselves a little pickpocket.
Aye, Cap’n Breadbeard. He’s got our treasure!
Yarrh, I can see that Patches. Listen lad if ya hand over me booty maybe we’ll let ya leave with your own jewels in their proper place, If ya catch me drift. Watcha say?
The guard pauses, screams then speeds off.
He is getting away Captain.
Argh, no he isn’t.
We see the guard being pursued by the pirates in a ship attached to trolleys. The guard looks back in terror.
Mwah ha ha ha FIRE!

Patches grabs some watermelons and gives them to Walker to fire out of the cannon. The guard dodges every projectile.

Our current ammunition seems to be insufficient Captain.

Aye, we need somthin’ with a little more kick to it!

Breadbeard and Walker turn around to view Patches looking very nervous. Patches is fired from the canon and latches himself on the back of the guard’s head. The guard swerves side to side in a panic. He pulls Patches off of him and tosses him to the front of the ship.
Breadbeard grabs a rope and latches it onto a sign post overhead.
Urrgh never said an idiot to do a pirates job

Breadbeard swings off the ship and onto the front of the scooter. Breadbeard pulls out his sword. The guard scrambles and grabs his claw grabber. The two engage in a sword battle. They lock swords together as Breadbeard leans in close.


The Guard begins to look angry.

(screaming) Neveerrrr!

The guard disarms Breadbeard and sends his sword flying. The sword hits the front of the ship, cutting the ropes and setting free the trolley. The Ship hits the ground and begins to grind forward.

The Guard realises he is in power and points his grabber at Breadbeard. Breadbeard notices the oncoming ship. The guard turns around. The two of them scream and embrace each other as the ship crashes into them.
Cut to black.
Fading in, we see the wreckage of the scooter and the ship. The guard is unconscious on the floor. A pair of hands pick up the cereal. Breabeard, looking rather battered, raises the box above his head.

Lads! We did it! I told ya no one touches me booty!

The pirates disappear off screen. Hours later the Guard awakes. He walks down the aisles to see the shop is open showing many signs advertising the free sample of the cereal. He sees the cut outs looking maniacally at him. The camera dolly zooms in on him as he screams.


Hi guys, I'm sure you all read your ravensbourne emails.But I'm posting this here anyway.
Make sure we ticks everything before the assessment even though some seems confusing,we will need to solve them out this week.

PITCH – Monday 23rd NOVEMBER – All day

Each student in every group will attend and take part in their GROUP
film presentation.
The group presentation should be carefully planned and rehearsed so that
everyone knows the area they must cover. Limit your group presentation
to 15 minutes.
This might include the following;
1. SYNOPSIS – A clear, brief summary of your story
2. POWER POINT of completed;
3. Research images/clips
4. Concept work – character designs /environmental designs /
assets/colour boards/Maquettes
5. Digital tests – preliminary block outs – camera moves
6. ANIMATIC – including storyboards with audio track/rough sound and
voice over.
7. Schedule: Excel or Project Manager file
8. Clear summery from each member what they will be doing on the project
and when in the production process.

In order to be aware of all their fellow BA group films all students
will attend the pitching process


To assess the following 2 assessable criteria:
1. The professionalism of the fully developed storyboard and concept work

2. The comprehensiveness of the plan, budget and schedule for the
production of the project

Each student must hand in a CD-Rom of their work showing the following;
Evidence of any of the following pre- production and animation work;
1. Storyboards
2. Concept work
3. Character design
4. Environmental Design
5. Script development
6. Synopsis
7. Link to your individual and group blog.
8. Doc summarizing your role and schedule on your group film (might be
on your blog)

This work should be saved in a folder labelled ANI-303
The CD-Rom should be clearly labelled with your name.
A submission form must be filled in and attached to the CD-Rom.
The CD-Rom should be placed in the submission box in Broadcast no later
than 4pm on the 27th October 2009.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Model Gaurd So Far

Alright here he is at the moment. Modelling his hat after I post this shizzle up. Mouth and Teeth will be comming up along with some ears. I'll try a test rig in this guy to show youi how he deforms.

Peace out! Ash

Saturday, 14 November 2009