Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Hi guys, I'm sure you all read your ravensbourne emails.But I'm posting this here anyway.
Make sure we ticks everything before the assessment even though some seems confusing,we will need to solve them out this week.

PITCH – Monday 23rd NOVEMBER – All day

Each student in every group will attend and take part in their GROUP
film presentation.
The group presentation should be carefully planned and rehearsed so that
everyone knows the area they must cover. Limit your group presentation
to 15 minutes.
This might include the following;
1. SYNOPSIS – A clear, brief summary of your story
2. POWER POINT of completed;
3. Research images/clips
4. Concept work – character designs /environmental designs /
assets/colour boards/Maquettes
5. Digital tests – preliminary block outs – camera moves
6. ANIMATIC – including storyboards with audio track/rough sound and
voice over.
7. Schedule: Excel or Project Manager file
8. Clear summery from each member what they will be doing on the project
and when in the production process.

In order to be aware of all their fellow BA group films all students
will attend the pitching process


To assess the following 2 assessable criteria:
1. The professionalism of the fully developed storyboard and concept work

2. The comprehensiveness of the plan, budget and schedule for the
production of the project

Each student must hand in a CD-Rom of their work showing the following;
Evidence of any of the following pre- production and animation work;
1. Storyboards
2. Concept work
3. Character design
4. Environmental Design
5. Script development
6. Synopsis
7. Link to your individual and group blog.
8. Doc summarizing your role and schedule on your group film (might be
on your blog)

This work should be saved in a folder labelled ANI-303
The CD-Rom should be clearly labelled with your name.
A submission form must be filled in and attached to the CD-Rom.
The CD-Rom should be placed in the submission box in Broadcast no later
than 4pm on the 27th October 2009.

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