Thursday, 28 January 2010


Hey guys, this is what I want to see from you guys the next time we meet.

Tom: Try and get Breadbeard's beard and hat done...he looks butt naked without them. Though I have to say the model is looking pretty sweet!

Neil: Get a majority of the guard's room done....oh and "sort it out!"

Dean: Keep going with Walker dude, I kinda wanna see a great majority of him done.

Josh: Keep chugging along with the assets and stuff man! If you need more to do, just let me know!

Paul: I need the general products modelled, and have a good amount of the texturing done.

Mike: Have the facial rig sorted out, with a little animation test would be nice. (oh and send me that sweet barrel you modeled so I can stick it in the environment)

Ash: Post up a current pick of the guard ASAP so I can see how he's looking. We can go form there.

Mu: Try and have the boat mostly done man!

J.B: I wouldn't mind a test of the watermelons in the environment, with some mock boxes on the shelves possibly. (can you private message me your email so I can mail you the environment!)

We still have a little overlooked problem. As of yet, we have no idea of how the pirates are going to be able to pull themselves out of the cardboard, if anyone has any suggestions or wants to test. Please say.

Right guys, the formative is over so I don't want to hear any excuses like, I had to do my dissertation or I was playing modern warfare all weekend. Here's a tip, allocate two days a week to the essay, I do Tuesday and Saturday. This way you can juggle both projects... it's called multitasking.

Remember, the only excuse I will except is that "Both My parents were murdered, and I how vowed to train my body and mind to help clean up the streets of this beloved city, whilst donning the mantel of the bat".


After failing at the arm and hand, I decided to take on Patches body. Through the day I had a some help from good old Sarah, Alec, Tom, Mike, Josh and Neil. They all showed me some tips to making the model look better. Unfortunately they were giving the tips to me and the model ended up looking like this, like a roast chicken!
This needs more work, I pray for someone to take this off my hands!

Breadbeards almost-complete head

As of today Breadbeard is also completely finished in the area of facial structure modelling. All that is left is to create his beard, hair and eyes.

Monday, 25 January 2010


Hey guys, I'm currently focusing on the dissertation essay. first draft is due on Thursday and i need as much feedback on it as possible. so im gonna postpone it until next week. sorry guys, hope thats okay.


Here is the little security camera that I made. I decided to go for a blocky, cartoony look. I cubes pipes and cylinders to create the whole thing! I stuck a couple of wires coming out the back to keep in style with the security console that Neil made. In fact if you look, the whole thing is shaped like a miniature version of the console. I also decided to exaggerate the lens to be more visually interesting!


Mu gave me his original blockout for the animatic. It had Dean's shelves in as well as some originals from Mu himself. I Took this basic environment and added more detail to it. Firstly I added floor tiles by creating subdivisions and extruding faces. Afterwards I created some lights for the roof. I noticed that the lights for some supermarkets are sort of like stips, so I decided to do that. I then created a power cable form a cylinder. I though this would give the place more character. I then went about creating security camera which i will go into more detail later. It looks a bit naked at the mo, but it's looks OK for now. I had to take the roof off because the occlusion came out completely black.

Surveilance update!

Using the same method given to me by Tom Stockerwright and Alec, I used the "create deformer" option to create a wire but first I had to mauke sure that the tube had 20 vertices I think on it. Then I bent it and rotated the tube how I wanted though it was tricky and a bit fiddly. Anyways after getting like 3 of the tubes that I liked I duplicated them in groups then I just made the look like they were in the machine. Lewis also told me to add those little cyclinder, dohnut like shape to make them look like they were plugged in. That was tricky and annoying as hell. But anyways here it is, I'm happy with what I accomplished today.

The Surveilance desk

Here it is guys, all my efforts leading to the completion of the desk. All that need now is to make it look electronical, technical and fan-ci-cal? (not a word) Anyway let me know what you think, I'm gonna add in some cables n stuff. Hope y'all diggs.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A little Inspiration

Hi! I was paroosing the Internet looking at different models. I all of a sudden, stumbled upon a website of a man named, Andy Wakeley. Here I found this pretty sweet model. I really liked the overall look of the model. I thought the hands were especially fantastic. His body is also very similar to Walker's so I thought it would be useful to put this up. If we could get the models to this sort of standard, it would be very good!

"that guy" has returned

And I brought a present because of my absence:

... yeah. It's pretty much ready

As you may know, I have not posted that much for the past month nor have you seen me some days at School. I'm sorry. I have gotten myself into a lot of problems and not just work related; on outside projects and events which... disrupted me. Tomorrow I shall bring this model plus some new foods in for your workings. Next week I will start on better models like this trolley for props around the place AS well as textures in the style of Louis's examples.

I'm going to need a nudge for to catch up; while the model above is great; I've got quite a lot to quite through and the textures. I also got other features planned as well...

Oh and J.B; sorry about the "car". You know what I mean...

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Patches Update

Here's my updated version of Patches. This time my lovely assistant Tom showed me how to make the ears. I also tried to sort out some of the glitches in it. To be completely honest, this looks awful and I need someone who is awesome to PLEEEASE take it off my hand because I have no idea how to start making this look halfway decent. Serious this is all lumpy and it just looks a mess!

Session with Dave Bull

I think our little chat with Dave went well, he seems to like how things are coming along. I'm pretty happy with most of the work. We seem to be on the right path but we still need to do more and faster. Especially the assets, Dave says we've got loads to fill those aisles and he's right .

Paul and Ash, I need to see how you are getting along with your models. You should be in tomorrow. So we'll speak then!

Breadbeard update

Just an update of breadbeards production. Ive managed to fix his ears into a better shape and position, create the indent on his face by his nose and mouth and give him some bags under his eyes...

Some surveilance office assets

These are some the Assets I done on monday. The surveilnce computer desk...thingy needs more work I know. I gonna have togo in and tweak it some more, make it more cartoony. However the cartoon look is left up to Ashley and JB, (Lewis's words not mine) Anyway more updates will be coming soon, stay tuned.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

An Attempt At Patches!

I began to panic about deadlines yesterday. With this in mind I decided to do the unthinkable, and start modelling patches. I know it's someone else's job but I panicked. As we can see, I am no modeller. At the end of yesterday I thought it went quite well, but looking back at the model it looks horrible. It really reminds me of Colin's Bear Animation!

UV Textures!

I was trying to model some of the signs yesterday, and it was not going too well. Then, like a beacon of hope, Simon came to save the day. Showed me all about the UV editor, and how I should go about texturing the signs. He said I should keep may open when I'm texture painting in photoshop to make sure I'm painting in the right places. It turned out looking OK, a little basic but the probably because I'm rubbish, good thing I'm not a texture artist eh? Thanks Si!

Ending Shot

Hey guys here's the ending shot of the animatic. The new ending is that after the crash, we cut to the next day where the guard is all beat up and stuck in his scooter. He zooms past the display that says free sample,he looks at it, we cut to the cereal, he looks at it, we cut to the cereal. etc. at the end of the day he doesn't learn his lesson and the same old cycle starts again.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Guard Face

Hi Lewis,

This is the Foundation look Guards face, low poly and smoothed. Wrinkles under the eyelids will be done in Zbrush, same with the teeth. If you you like I can move onwards. If you don't, just tell me what to change.


Saturday, 16 January 2010

Here are the shelves for the produce section

Thought I'd post some designs of the stuff to build in the produce isle. There's a little stick figure to take into account how tall it should be. More importantly the model for the security room will commence next week, my PC won't hack my Maya 8.5 at home, besides my version is pretty banged up anyways. I shall produce the props first since that will be easier to model, I hope (God help me...) Anyways I'll catch you guys later, peace!

'The Signs They Are A Changing!'

Hey people! As I said to Tom on Friday, I would create our lovely signs and what not in photoshop today. Here we see various signs for the 'Golden Treasure' display. There's also two 'Free Sample' signs for the end of the film. I also did some general signs for around the market including the 'Produce Aisle' sign and the 'Cereals and Misc' sign. I kept all the signs within our muted colour scheme as well as trying to keep the typography somewhat similar to our retro type for the 'Yum N Yum' logo. These are ready to be modelled in Maya but let me know what you think guys.

Technical Issues

I discussed the problem of the exploding watermelons with J.B. J.B suggested not having any shots where we see the watermelon fly from the cannon and hit a wall all in one, which is fine because I wasn't going to use any shots like that in the first place. J.B then explained something about "Discombobulating the left triangular plagm" and my head began to hurt. I'm sure he will do a post explaining what he meant.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Breadbeard Blocky Style

After a week of trying and trying and with aid from JB and Lewis I was able to get a smooth blocky style to go with the model of Breadbeard...

Below are some images of Breadbeards legs, head and hands with a bevel on the edges to give it a blocky look and them smoothed to give it more detail...