Monday, 18 January 2010

Guard Face

Hi Lewis,

This is the Foundation look Guards face, low poly and smoothed. Wrinkles under the eyelids will be done in Zbrush, same with the teeth. If you you like I can move onwards. If you don't, just tell me what to change.



  1. The model looks awesome but he also looks kind of scarey to be honest. He needs to be more like the guy from 'King of Queens' and 'Mall Cop', jolly and really quite stupid looking. Awesome modelling all the same dude.

  2. Yeah kindaagree too dude. Tell ya what. Have a little test in z brush 'cos I have no idea howmuch needs to be modelled in maya before you can take it into z brush.

  3. Cool, I'm on it! Thnaks for the feedback