Thursday, 28 January 2010


Hey guys, this is what I want to see from you guys the next time we meet.

Tom: Try and get Breadbeard's beard and hat done...he looks butt naked without them. Though I have to say the model is looking pretty sweet!

Neil: Get a majority of the guard's room done....oh and "sort it out!"

Dean: Keep going with Walker dude, I kinda wanna see a great majority of him done.

Josh: Keep chugging along with the assets and stuff man! If you need more to do, just let me know!

Paul: I need the general products modelled, and have a good amount of the texturing done.

Mike: Have the facial rig sorted out, with a little animation test would be nice. (oh and send me that sweet barrel you modeled so I can stick it in the environment)

Ash: Post up a current pick of the guard ASAP so I can see how he's looking. We can go form there.

Mu: Try and have the boat mostly done man!

J.B: I wouldn't mind a test of the watermelons in the environment, with some mock boxes on the shelves possibly. (can you private message me your email so I can mail you the environment!)

We still have a little overlooked problem. As of yet, we have no idea of how the pirates are going to be able to pull themselves out of the cardboard, if anyone has any suggestions or wants to test. Please say.

Right guys, the formative is over so I don't want to hear any excuses like, I had to do my dissertation or I was playing modern warfare all weekend. Here's a tip, allocate two days a week to the essay, I do Tuesday and Saturday. This way you can juggle both projects... it's called multitasking.

Remember, the only excuse I will except is that "Both My parents were murdered, and I how vowed to train my body and mind to help clean up the streets of this beloved city, whilst donning the mantel of the bat".