Monday, 25 January 2010

Surveilance update!

Using the same method given to me by Tom Stockerwright and Alec, I used the "create deformer" option to create a wire but first I had to mauke sure that the tube had 20 vertices I think on it. Then I bent it and rotated the tube how I wanted though it was tricky and a bit fiddly. Anyways after getting like 3 of the tubes that I liked I duplicated them in groups then I just made the look like they were in the machine. Lewis also told me to add those little cyclinder, dohnut like shape to make them look like they were plugged in. That was tricky and annoying as hell. But anyways here it is, I'm happy with what I accomplished today.


  1. You can create wires and tubes by first creating a poly face, then drawing a spline curve. Then in Maya select Edit Mesh-> Extrude - options box. Once selected tick the box that says 'use selected curve for extrusion'. Job done and loads easier as you can literally draw your required configuration.

  2. Cheers, I'll try remembering that.