Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Paul: Cereaooooh

Hi guys. I was expecting to see what the cereal box would look like' I sent the textures to Michael a few days ago and... I havn't seen it yet.

But I wanted to show you an example for the textures for our work. We can use this cereal box for our demostration. Enjoy!
ALSO... no more teal writing. I hate using it here..................... but I love that colour!

It isn't a "pure" square model. The right-side of the cereal box has been brought out to represent the cover of the box; given a bit more realism and convincing look for the cereal box.

Obviously not the final texture unless you want it... but its final for showing and for the animatic. I could have spent a bit more time blending the edges; but its not that big of a deal. It should be great once rendered!

Don't worry JB. Dummy will have it's own cereal box...

Delicious copy N pasted work from google. Then again; I could have scanned it. No big deal; they won't read it!

Louis check this out. I've made a test-backstory of who Petey is; as well as using an old drawing for good use. It's not final but you could implement it and change it to fit the backstory if you like... also; I used your animatic drawing + slight change since I wanted to show out main Pirate characters on the cereal box itself; works quite well actually...

Of course; it's not rendered. Actually Mental Ray was having some setting problems; but we can look into this so it works fine for pre-production. All of the food will have logos similar to this prototype texture; but though not as detail. The other food might have a logo or detail at the front only as to save time and wasted effort. I shall be on the work for more modelling right now; should have uploaded that test Salad Cream bottle; oh well.

... also while I'm here I also want to say sorry if there was any troubles with me this week; you know... "that". It passes.

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