Saturday, 21 November 2009

Cereal Box Inspiration!

LISTEN UP! When good ol' Quirkey was finding random boxes of cereal to decorate his lighting test with he found two hilarious spoof cereal boxes ('Zombie Guts' and 'Tinkles'). These images were from a special Halloween collection called 'Cereal Killers', where various artist drew spoofs of cereal boxes. I have given some examples here. THIS is what some of our boxes need to look like. These are funny but they actually look like real cereal boxes. Not the free toys, mascots and branding. This is the quality that the 'Golden Treasure Cereal' should look like!

P.S If you want to check more of these cool boxes out, the website is...

1 comment:

  1. Ok thanks. When will come to production I will make sure Petey's and other examples will be like this.

    Do you mean in art-direction or box design (the colours or the layout?)