Sunday, 22 November 2009

Paul: 2 of 4

No NOT Cylons...
Ok I didn't manage to get all four concepts up today; but here are the first two. I see what I can do tomorrow. Blame Left 4 Dead 2 for that one (I've been waiting for it all year as well...)
Enjoy! Good luck on monday y'all!

Delicious pizza is delicious. Would you ever find batteries this cool?

The Meat-Ins package was originally blue; but it didn't create the "beans" technique of showing an opposite colour of the food. Nevertheless; teal became its replacement keeping my original idea + more effective. The package logo was meant to be screwed up; inspired by "Floaties Pizza Hog" from "Invader Zim" Cartoon series; only Jhonen Vasquez can do stuff like that...

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