Saturday, 21 November 2009


Hey guys, here's my new poster. Gareth said my old poster was washed out and would not work as a small business card or DVD cover. So I decided to simplify it, and make it more like the style of my artwork for the film. I also took on board what people said, when they mention that all the pirates should be seen (like Paul's). I was inspired by the artwork of the communist propaganda poster of Russia. They have very bold and stark colours. I also implemented elements of the Star Wars movie poster. All in all it turned out better than I thought it would!


  1. woww.. that is very nice. i like it =D i've been kind of working on some small logo's. not sure if you want to use it. but i just like sketching logos =D i'll upload some when i have time.

  2. Yeah thats great. We could put a bit more work into the logo; but only a small flaw for post-production.

    It works well as its own poster; but if there is a way we can fit the supermarket landscape theme into it... but it works already!