Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Patches Rig

Right Guys. There are some issues with the rig. The whole thing is not user friendly at all. The arms and legs don't work, especially the arms, It's quite limiting. We need to sort this out. I can't even animate with it. The head on the other hand is quite good. The jaw control is nice and the eye and head are fine. The blend shapes work quite well but there is just one problem. You can't see what you've keyed, I.E, it doesn't come up on the bar or in the line graph. This means you can't use the graph editor for the face. This is bad.

However, I have tested the blends out on a little lip sync, check it and see.


  1. hehe dude ive used the rig all day today. its not to shabby mate i think the dummy one is easier to navigate with tho. however i did not a bad job with patches hitting the wall. il upload it here in a bit mate. i can live with the rig but its your call. i can animate with it but yes its basic and you have to be careful where you set his arms and legs because they dont move around to much.

  2. very nice work tho mate looks - a grade shizzz

  3. Hey Lewis,

    If im right thinking u haven't got a facial control panel then the keys will not display in the timeline, only when you select the blend shape itself from the channel box with the key will appear in the timeline and in the graph editor (that should be right as i remember this happening with one of my characters in the past). Not sure what to suggest about the rig though...would need to see it in order to suggest.

    Hope this helps x

  4. yeh, i did what Sarah said, u have to select the head mesh then go into the animation graph, cos the blend shapes are done on the head mesh. we might jus need to add some curve as controls..? some how?