Sunday, 9 May 2010

Shot 50_ Final Summersault and Shot 51_in progress

Shot 50 Ver. 1.4, have been working on this a lot today, and this is all i can manage this weekend, will have to go with this cos i don't have any more time i can spend getting this any better :D

Im pretty happy with it, is headed in the right direction. :)

Right now
i got cracking on the shot of Bread Beards landing, so far i set up the shot and animated the guards reactions, will be working on his face, need to key frame bread beard landing, and i also made the claw rumble around, so the audience don't forget that its there.

Shot 51 ver. 1.0, Breadbeard's Landing.
work in progress, needs finishing.

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  1. good job dude, dont forget to send it to me!