Thursday, 13 May 2010

Rendering Results

Got this two frames from Tom this morning. The entire shot is not finished yet so we can't see it in motion. Its on about 85%.

Apart from a stupid mistake - got the wall turned off in layers - it looks fine. And I know how to fix it so STOP WHINING. Tom if you are looking at this, as we have discussed, in maya shift select all the light and the wall and nothing else, on the right where the layers are, click on renders and create new layer.(like creating a occulution layer but you dont change the attribute) That should do. It shouldn't take that long to render on a local machine. Then we can just compose that in.

Second thing is...In the 1st frame you can see the background is empty, we can fix that by either starting this shot at frame 10(ish) so that you dont see it OR we can render out another layer and compose them in. Which ever way? its up to Lewis.

Oh, the motion blur at frame 52 (second picture) may looks a bit over the top, but I'm holding on for all the render to be finished and see the whole thing before deciding whether we need to change that or not because it may looks better in motion.

So yeah..

If there is anything else....the scooter black...due to the reason... you know..(still missing texturing OMG!) I think we should just keep it black. Looks alright in action.

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