Friday, 7 May 2010

Melon-Dodge Sequence DevDiary Pt1

I've started work on the Melon Dodge Sequence for this animation. I've started by creating all the necessary melon styled geometry. Now the biggest problem in creating this scene is how to create a burstable object with fluid and internal gibs etc. I've opted to create the watermelon using an nCloth dynamic. However the biggest problem with this is that there is no way to move the nCloth watermelon without having a passive object in the middle of it. The passive object is keyframed and the nCloth dynamic is parented to it so that the keyframe animation drives the nCloth object. It also keeps the nCloth object inflated. I've also set the nCloth object to include a tearable constraint so that the object exterior tears and rips on impact. The nCloth object contains a fluid nDynamic. As you can see from the playblasts the object tears and interacts with other passive objects and rips open. Now I have the problem of how to get the passive object to switch off the so that the gooey fluid interior can splatter everywhere on impact. More soon guys!

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