Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dodge progress 2

Mate I've never worked on a more fustrating animaion in my life! Anyways, man the big movents are more or less done now, you can tell that the force of movement is effected on the guard as well as the scooter looks like it's pivoting on one wheel every time it rotates to cut across. Will be doing other pars such as the arms, elbows, legs etc. Let me know if y'all digs.


  1. really great work on the guards secondary weight shifting :)

  2. what happen to his head?

  3. haha thtz brilliant he looks like a rag doll lolz

    my only suggestion would be to perhaps have his legs flapping around a bit as he turns or sticking out everytime he has to dodge as if he's literally trying to push against the air to help turn

    just a suggestion...