Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Shot 56: Sword Clash

Heres my current progress in animating the swordfight between Breadbeard and the Guard. Its not finished yet but please give comments on improvements...

Click the link below to see a larger version of the footage...



  1. looking good so far tom. maybe have the guard like shudder more when the blade comes in contact with his grabber. maybe have the expression of breadbeard more angry just before he clashes with him. he looks like hes gunna poo at the moment lol hahahaha. but overall very nice m8! also have breadbeard come down harder at the end so you can feel all his power and rage as he comes down into his grabber needs to be more extreme. you know like he really wants to kill this guard to get back his treasure/ as ya dont wanna make it to camp lol

  2. Looks good so far still too early to tell since I know you'll be building up in stages. But yeah, take what josh said into account.

  3. good start Tom, BTw i think i need the sword for the short i got with the captain jumping through the air. could you send me that?