Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Drive up progress 1

Since I haven't seen anyone animating the guard dropping his items, I decided to do it. Since the box is stationay on his tum-tum theres no way it can fall off. So when the guard swerves to his left before driving up, the force of it will make it fall off. I also decided to add a little pause on the whiskey bottle for a little Road Runner moment. The one up top is the first one I did.

This is the second one after looking at the animatic I and the first animating I did, it seems to plain to make him just go straight into awe. So I decided to have him squint first and then go in awe. Call it a personal preference of mine, but it ain't my call. You guys hit me up on what you think.


Yeah I know it looks crappy, I need help to motion path this. The guard and the scooter just end up in different positions everytime I try to do so.

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