Thursday, 15 October 2009

The chat with Dan Dalli

As the title suggests Mu, Paul and yours truly had a little chat with Dan about the story. We told him everything that has happened, pretty much. He suggested that we look at it form a fresh view point, and to view Mike's comments as suggestions. Whilst we were together we batted some ideas around with him. Dan suggested taking the Pirates and the guard idea and turning it on it's head. This means the guard is trying to get the cereal and the Pirates are defending their treasure. We could have the guard as this fat slob who's eaten everything he can but wants to eat the cereal as it is a new brand that is launching the next day, and he wants to be the one to try it first. We could have the Pirates set up various booby traps to stop him. The Pirates could also be the cut outs that have come to life and are defending their product.

Dan also suggested that we could turn that idea on it's head and have the pirates trying to take the cereal as they don't want people to try it. We could even have something completely different and have the pirates waring with each other to see who gets the be on the billboard.

The chat with Dan was quite enlightening and we have a lot of food for thought. I feel really silly for not thinking of these ideas sooner, it seems strange as they were kinda staring at me in the face. I feel quite exited about these ideas. I will have to mull the ideas over and chat about it in the group meeting tomorrow...but the story will be decided this week!

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  1. ... and if we don't come up with an idea. Then... ARRRRRRRRRRRRRHGRHGGRHGRGHRGH