Saturday, 24 October 2009


It is no secret that I am more than a little peeved that the story has been changed more than once, in fact five times. Anyway, remember how I said that I would rework some of the pieces of the film today to make them better? I did. By combining this idea with the old one. We have two whole storyboards so it seems a shame to waste them. I also have a new action sequence that kicks the crap out of the old one. I don't want to post it on here yet as I want to run it past you all on Monday first. I have done some thumbnail story boards today, so when we agree on the shots I will draw up a proper one. One change to note is that the segway has gone. I have heard more than a few complaints that it is too soon after Paul Blart Mall Cop to have a fat security guard on a segway. Instead he rides one of those fat people mobility scooters. Trust me it comes into play in the action sequence. Anyway, I will see you all on Monday for the formative. We are on to something good guys, and this is the LAST story change!

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  1. Ok sounds good.
    I know things are hard Louis but even as you leader us; we still need to come together to decide these events. You've done some good work; but its a shame if things go to scrap due to miscommunucation.

    See you on Monday!