Sunday, 25 October 2009

Paul: The NEW poster!!!

... oh boy, what did I do this time...

Poster 2.0 as I called in my own blog. This is a layout test if we decide to show an idea like this. Louis's poster is nicely drawn, but even as a spoof; it isn't really relating to what we are creating. Since it was only us two; and I hate to promote my work; I would ask if we could expand on the poster I have designed for our group.

IT WILL NOT LOOK LIKE THIS; but it will be set-up similarly; and the brown-colour scheme was only temporary. Since last friday it was quite approved so its up to a vote if you guys want to keep it or not.

As you may know; I'm not a great drawer; but I do love to design; so if anyone is up to the task of illustrating the final poster; then please speak on Monday or comment in this post.

Thank you!

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