Sunday, 25 October 2009

Paul: Source is where?

Lo, I forgot to say in the last blog post that I havn't shown much news at the moment. I thought you might like to know that I shall be starting some new concept for the supermarket on Monday; including logo designs for the store and products.

I will also be starting maya tests which I was hoping to start last week... but got delayed due to... "troubles". It's early days so it should be ok to step up again; I won't try and let you guys down. I sure hope our group will pull through by the end; don't split up guys! Speak more in a group; since meetings isn't enough...

In other news I've uploaded all the photos at last at my blog; for those who will be designing the supermarket environment with me PLEASE check through the post; I have enough photos for everything you will need for the modelling and texturing of the store itself.

Enjoy the photos! You won't be getting any more!
... no, really. I got kicked out the places for taking those...

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