Friday, 9 October 2009

Synopsis... is that some kind of rum?

Good luck with tomorrows meeting; I hope things don't go... astray...

Notice the colour? I am MR TEAL; I am also the rival of Mr Communist. Red is one step closer to EVILLLL. You hear that Michael? You are a bad man and you must be cleased and purged from these posts!

To be honest; I see our project as a comedy; and hopefully our job by the end of ends I hope thet goal comes true and get the audience laughing. But... the things suggested by Mike rather take away this goal and aims towards meaning and "art-house"; AND WHILE this works for some idea; I honestly believe it won't work for this project. Since Pirates in a supermarket is hard enough to explain with a few minutes by itself; so... why stress? But that does not mean we cannot take suggestions and implement them into the final storyboards AKA storyboards 2.0

There was one idea I thought was quite funny, but a little too complex for a minor narrative like this. It involved the Pirates being "won" and bounded to the supermarket after a company gambling night went wrong; and... neither of the players in the game wanted these lunatics anywhere near their workplace. But just saying this you can see how confusing it can get; and I can bet YOU, that you didn't even read that idea without cringing. But one thing does stay in mind though; they have to be REAL PIRATES. Not ghosts, not mental patiences, and not cereal-box characters coming to live

It could end up LIKE THIS............................. without Phil Hartman.
And please note that just because I use red to write this picture-note; it does NOT affiliate me with communists, or chinese people in general. Thank you for reading this message.

Anyway enough distractions. The "current" idea I have in mind involves the Supermarket being pillaged by our Pirate characters. This is the third strike in the same week and the Pirates themselves cannot be found through camera or evidence to where they keep coming from.

So the supermarket staff get fed up and call in a group of Historical Exterminators; which deal with these kinds of people. Upon the next day the exterminators have set-up gadgets and devices to counter these Pirates when they next strike. Hours later, the pirates strike as predicted as they are "traced" to behind the supermarket wall where their den is found and...
You know; this is why complicated rubbish doesn't get mentioned.
THIS IS NOT MY FINAL IDEA; and its going to be scrapped. Just a thought.

Now time for cough medicine...

Writing from the hellhole. damn those reds...

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