Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ok here’s my idea, it's not that original, but here we goes...

There are people in this world who have spent their whole life dedicated doing their job, however when time passed by the society no longer needs them anymore. It’s pretty sad…

So once upon a time, in a supermarket, 3 old pirates struggle to find their treasure. In fact, they don’t know what their treasure is anymore…in this big damn hurry world where everything moves the way too fast and too complicated for them. Still pretty sad…

One day when the 3 old pirates shipping in a shopping trolley trying to stealthily hijack a box of cereal. They got catch!!! by a supermarket employee. The commodore ordered to strike. The employee then got hit…hit…hit…then he got pissed and shout out to the old pirates:

‘All right stop this NONSENSE! ‘

Pirates shocked

Then the employee said something that deeply hurt their feelings…(I haven’t work out what yet…)

Pirates look upset. Like kids, looking downwards…how sad this sense is!

Then the employee realised he was too harsh, and said:

‘But I didn’t mean to….’ (Basically I’m sorry and cheer up.)

After 2 second of silence, one of the pirate suddenly pointing at something else in the shop. Then they carry on… here a twist of their enmotions.

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