Monday, 12 October 2009

Systematic Skull F**king!

Paul is right, today was a mess. Scratch that today was a nightmare. After our redrafting of the idea, I pitched to our guest lecturer today. He said that the idea was too big and didn't make any sense. He said "Why would only the Pirates come to life, and not all the other mascots?", he said he thought it would be more interesting to see all the mascots. I do not like this idea as it will literally end up as that movie "Night at the Museum"...and nobody wants that. Afterwards we sat in a group trying to bash the idea out. So many things went up in the air. "Are they Pirates?", "Is it even in a supermarket". We went through every possible idea until Mu and I had gigantic headaches. I've gotten to a point where I'm fed up. Much like Samuel L Jackson who is sick of those mutha f**kin' snakes on that mutha f**kin' plane...I AM SICK OF THIS IDEA GETTING SHOT DOWN AND REDRAFTED OVER AND OVER!!! In trying explain the Pirates we have made the film needlessly complicated. It has set us back almost two weeks and I am annoyed.

The Idea is this:

We our going back to the original idea. No objects coming to life, no needless explanations. Just Pirates in a supermarket. We need to scale back the action and create a new beginning and end. But this Idea is getting locked down in the next few days because I am at the end of my patience here.

I have emailed Dan Dalli asking him for a meeting so we can talk about the idea to him. I'll let everyone know if anything comes up!

Just to show you how random unexplained things can be popular and sell! Here's a clip from Spongebob, which i can only liken to a horrible LSD trip...ENJOY!

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  1. No doubt man I say go for it. After looking at that spongebob clip. I'd say the audience is like from at least 5+ Nobody is going to question why this or why that. He's a sponge and there is no connection between the sponge and sea. Maybe a bath or sink but that it, the same goes for your story. I think your story aims to that kind of audience. GO FOR IT!!