Monday, 12 October 2009

Paul: Rum along with the flow

Ok; so what can we do with the idea...

WELL; when we think of our project; we want to keep the humour in the story "Pirates causing chaos in a supermarket" I would say; and we want to keep the rocket-trolleyboat itself also; so this stays. Hopefully Louis agrees so.

Its a chase between the pirates (our three main) and the staff workers (security and Craig from Dairy) which started as random pillaging; but changes the main loot target into the Petey's Golden Treausure Cereal. But events keep getting in the way making both the attackers and defenders of the store; making their situation harder whilst doing this.

I won't be able to get a "smooth" story done by tonight; but this is just in the works to show some ideas we could fit in somehow without going nuts:

1. Craig from dairy and the security worker are both included as "defenders" of the supermarket; their job is to stop the pirates by any means from destroying their store.
2. We don't have to explain why they are Pirates; but they should arrived within the store; hiding under a pile of cardboard boxes. It would act like a planned attack and they have been waiting for the right moment to pillage and plunder.
3. We could fit the Grandma character in as a customer who purchases Petey's Golden Treasure Cereal while our pirates and staff workers brawl. This would force the pirates to outsmart the staff workers to steal the cereal from the woman. But at such a "fast velocity" from their boat they would crash outside the enterance of the store; which would end in them being surrounded by Police.
4. Perhaps at the end; when the pirates get arrested. We see a new "rival" group attempted to raid the store; just like the Pirates. Hench -> the story repeats itself.
5. A lot of the sequences within the 2-3 minutes could be the conflict between staff workers and Pirates. We could create a lot of beautiful scenes here using the store as the battlefield; and both sides could use this to their advantage... or disadvantage.
6. Remember; we're having fun. We don't need a morale to break our spirits, or a meaning. This could be the breakthrough to all of us to show what we can do.

Anyway... I try and "tidy" this up a bit; but you guys are welcome to change this however you want... without going over "board". I'm not going to be in tomorrow (or today, since its 1.00am now) so over the next few weeks while we sort this idea out; I might add more concepts to the Supermarket; including a blueprint/layout and possible maya models of some of the objects. My maya isn't the greatest but I can make the objects; and if you guys feel like the work isn't right; then we have the time to reshuffle our jobs around.

OH! One last thing! Remember that DVD I brought in yesterday? Well if you're interested in what I thought our idea was going to be inspired by; this is the short-introduction film for that movie:

Terry Gilliam's The Crimson Permanent Insurance Part1:

Terry Gilliam's The Crimson Permanent Insurance Part2:

Oh and Tom. I saw your "unfinished" post in the list of blog entries. Get it done ya' slacker! Or I feed you to the dogs! Says I!
... but really no rush, you're alright.

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