Monday, 12 October 2009

Paul: The parrots ate that all

It's Dangerous around these parts; Here take this with you!
URGH. Today was a mess, right? One big headache of a day with a story we can't decide on. We might not have a final story but we were happy with our original idea; the pitch was great, wso why change it?
Mike's suggestion only just wasted a week for us; trying to explain why they are Pirates but rather than why they are there. They are Pirates because we wouldn't have a story if we didn't!

So lets start again; and try and get rid of your headache while you're here. IF we're happy then the project goes well. So don't try and make things complex... like my previous PREVIOUS post. What was I on...

-ALSO- Hoping that I don't become late on certain days. Stupid sleep is stupid...

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