Monday, 5 October 2009


Ahoy land lovers! Here be booty; says I!

Ok ok. This is a preview of the supermarket itself; while I already planned that we are far from the final design of the area; I wanted to show what would be available and from here we could create alternative routes and possible changes to the script....... I have no idea what I'm talking about; but hay; I did drawings with it too! Ohhhh...

The colours man...
Again, like the above "brownprint"; this is only early work on the concept of the supermarket itself. I just wanted to show what could be a possible outcome to the design of the setting; though I think the green-ish colours a little distracting if we're going to concentrate on the trolley-boat itself.
Now we play the game of find the "Pringles"!
Go on! Try it!

This was originally planned as another biro + digital painted work but well... erm... I'm a good worker. Really!
I had an idea of an alternative ending to the story would feature the capture of the Petey's Golden Treasure Breakfast Cereal but surrounded by Security workers AND the police; outside the supermarket itself. I originally saw the store on a second floor- shopping mall; and the picture shows the characters crashed in between the two floors; crashed in a interior garden-pool.
Anyway... how this happens; I'm not sure as of yet; but possibilities of one of the customers buying the ceral and pondering to the direction of the enterance is an option... though as said; undecided.
... I write too much.

More will come; depending on tomorrow's meeting. Most of the work in progress will be available in my blogwhichisn'tupyetsincei'mtoolazytomakeitrightnow. Enjoy the show!

I won't make any more pirate puns.

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