Friday, 9 October 2009

Neil Ideas

Here's my crappy plotlines, mates!

Plot 1: The pirates used to be the top cereal in the whole country of pier chest grove (bare with me). People absolutely used to adore them; they were the envy of all the other cereals. That is until one day another cereal knocked them from the top of the shelf. So the three pirates strip themselves from the cereal box and try to get back to the top while carrying their own cereal box with them.

Plot2: The Pirate gang have a rival crew to contend with, in the Produce Aisle. This is basically a shop that bread beard, path and walker are in charge of. However the Sirens, who are women that charm men into doing their bidding and taking their territory. They succeed in kicking the pirates out and they change it into Sirens Aisle. While the pirates are wandering what happened Walker is the first to figure out the sirens weaknesses. So the pirates make a plan to get their shop back and succeed.

Plot3: The Pirates trying to get hold of a certain treasure and they have to enter a drinking contest and win to get it. However they are up against worthy adversaries called the Scalawag crew. Two teams have to see how grog they can each drink, however there’s something wrong with the grog that the pirate crew are drinking. The grog they’re drinking makes them fat with each drink they take in. The scalawag crew are behind the scheme and the pirate must find a way to beat them.

Plot4: Siren Brawl. This plot involves the pirates trying to get through a gate called Anchors pass. However it is being guarded by (yes you guessed it) a siren. These creature of the deep, are known to be half female and half serpent. As the crew reaches anchors pass they encounter her and the ordeal becomes a game of cat and mouse.

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