Saturday, 10 October 2009

Dean's Ideas

Hi guys, here is a rough idea i have in mind, not great but I'll give it a try.


The story starts with new pirates cut out stands displayed at the front of the store entrance. along with a pile of golden treasure cereals stacked up.. the old pirates (cardboard cut outs)were dumped into the back of the store, ready to be thrown away. one of the characters leg got torn out. (there are also leaflets beside them. there is one poster that shows a map to their treasure. the pirates think its a real map, but its just an poster.) once the supermarket closes and the lights turned off. the pirates comes alive =D


they follow the map to hunt for their treasure, there are things in the store that looks like the things on the map, locations and setups of things are parallel to each other. the pirates believe that their position is the same location as on the map. but they are not (bit confusing i know). they follow the maps and hunt for the treasure.. tbc


not sure how it ends..

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