Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Final Idea?

OK guys, I was thinking about the film long and hard when I was at work today. I have taken into account, everyone's comments and ideas about the film and it has come to this. Keep in mind, little changes might take place and I am not 100% sure about some aspects but here goes:

The film starts with the super market closing, the security guard flips the sign over at the front door, and then toddles off to his little surveillance room. There is a display at the front of the shop advertising "Petey's Golden Treasure Cereal". In the display there is a treasure map telling customers where the cereal is located in the store. Our three pirates are also on display, we then see them spring into action. Breadbeard tears down the map and hands it to Walker. The pirates jump onto their ship, they the shoot the extinguishers and go propelling forward. The start to tear around the aisles wreaking havoc. The security guard spots them on his CCTV and burst out of his office on his little segway. He catches up with the pirates a little bit but realises that they are moving too quickly for him to catch them. He then puts his segway into turbo, and speeds after them 'Fast and the Furious' style. The pirates spot him and Breadbeard orders Walker to begin firing on him. The security guard starts carving past the cannonballs as he makes a jump and grabs onto the back of the ship. Just as that happens a cannonball hits his segway blowing it up. The security guard clambers onto the ship as Breadbeard turns around and draws his sword. Just then Patches informs the captain that they are about to crash. The ship drives straight into a shelf and crashes on the floor. After looking a bit sick, Breabeard reaches up and grabs the cereal. The security guard staggers out and starts lecturing the pirates on how it is just a box of cereal, and how they are wasting time and have no real purpose. The pirates look genuinely upset. The guard asks them what do they have to say for themselves. Breadbeard pauses and shouts "kick his arse!". The film ends with the guard looking extremely worried.

So that's it guys, there's still things I'm not too sure of like are the Pirates cut outs, or manikins, or even humans that have been waiting there all day. I'm also not sure if the ship should be part of the display or should be a surprise to the audience and come crashing out form behind some boxes.

Anyway there you go. I would like to thank everyone in the group for their constructive comments and ideas.


  1. When did guards have segways? They are too slow to be useful.
    Anyway honestyly, its ok. I see a lot of fast-paced fun with it; but... are the Pirates going to have much dialogue? Where do they "enter" the store?
    Maybe we could talk about this tomorrow. I can't think of any ideas without going too long. But I have thought of something at least; I will "attempt" to post it in the next few hours; better than nothing.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. Honestly*
    Anyway I just wanted to say that if there is anything unclear that you need assistance on; we can get straight on this.