Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Some ideas...

Hey guys I got some ideas which we could put into the animation...

1) Pillaging a shelf of jam (or whatever u want it to be) with a tied up clerk on the floor and Walker unenthusiastically examining a jar of 'rare jam'

2) Swigging a tankard of milk rather than rum, with only Walker realising that it's milk

3) Manage to get thrown on top of the shelves of the store and go on a wild uncontrolable race across them with only Breadbeard unaware of the danger they are in

4) Patches gets dropped off the back of the ship with a rope accidentally tied around his ankle and gets dragged about and thrown against everything as the ship zooms around the store

5) Patches tied to the front of the ship badly dressed up like a mermaid

6) Walker spoofs 'Steam Boat Willy' while steering the ship and whistling

7) Telescope is actually a hollowed out stick of bread with lenses on each end

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