Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas.

Sorry for my quick departure today. I was not feeling too good and ad to leave halfway through the meeting! Anyway I though I would list my ideas, and thoughts.

1. I thought we could have our pirates fighting with the old pirates who are mascots. I know Mike has had an incredibly similar idea...but great minds think alike. We could have them scaling the shelves, having epic battles and such. We could even have the current Breadbeard face off against the old one. We could then have a new box of the cereal emerge in the shop with the new redesigned mascots on it!

2. The Pirates are employees of the super market who are there to help the customers but when they spy their gold, go beserk and rampage. They can hide the ship behind a stack of boxes and then just burst through them.

3. Just keep the old idea and add a new begining and end onto it. The could start with illusrations of breadbeard's childhood showing his love for treasure (possibly he could even have a beard when he was a toddler). We could end it with the pirates getting arested. Patches points to a policeman's badge and shouts "TREASURE" then Breadbeard burst out of the hand cuffs and charges toward the policeman.

So here are the ideas guys. Tell me what you think. We shall have a group meeting tomorrow!

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