Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Movie Poster

Hey all! I'm feeling a bit better about the film today. I've done my teaser poster for Gareth's unit. The poster is inspired by those classic movie posters like Star Wars, you know the ones where Luke looks nothing like he does in the actual movie. They always make the characters look more muscular and heroic so that's what I did to Breadbeard. This is nowhere near finished. For one thing I have to make the typeface more piratey.

Anyway I'm going to have a chat with the tutors tomorrow but Tom and I have already spoken about the film, and I am more enthusiastic about it now. I actually see the film in my head.

I'll get everyone up to scratch either tomorrow or Friday!


  1. Fun stuff... but as Freakazoid says:

    "interesting but not relavant"

  2. Sweet poster man! For some reason I keep thinking Thunder cats...dunno why?