Monday, 19 October 2009

Story Tweeking!

Hey guys, I had a chat with Dave Bull today. It was interesting. He essentially gave me two bits of advise, either tweak the idea we already have, or start it up again. The alternate idea he suggested was very similar to the film, 'Night at the Museum'. That's something I was hoping to avoid. I have decided to tweak our idea.

The new division is as follows.

We start the film off in the same way as before with the hungry guard who is tempted by the box of cereal that he is not supposed to eat. The pirates spring to life. The guard makes his way to the aisle, where he is greeted by the pirates. They introduce themselves and say how they are not going to let him take their treasure. The guard runs away in terror. He makes his way back to his guards room, but his hunger gets the better of him. He turns around to face the pirates again. Meanwhile the pirates have set up a trap with lots of candy trip wire. The guard elaborately makes his way through them as he gets to the end looking satisfied. Suddenly the pirates send patches swinging by rope into the guards crotch. They drag patches away who is gasping for air as the guard becomes enraged. Afterwards he have almost the same sequence as before but instead patches is stuck on the guards face as Breadbeard drops down to fight him. The guards swerves out of the way and up a ramp. The guard is about to get his hands on the cereal when walker drops a mentos into a giant coke bottle. A massive explosion foll owes. We cut to the night after where we see the guard battered and bruised, in casts. The guard is left quivering and eating salad as we pan to a shot of the pirates, as cut outs giving the finger.

Obviously there will be some changes but that's the general gist. Dave's comments are use full and have all been taken on board.

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