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Paul: Better late than nevarrrgh

Ok. As mentioned, most of my ideas ranged longer than the 2 minutes; or were just... un-needed complex. So I wanted to use some of the ideas I wanted to use but to keep the setting and plot we created; so I might have to borrow one thing or so to get this going. OK then!

Cze Story of le Pirates

To rap this up nice and quick; I wanted to stick with the group idea of the "Pirates" theme being replaced a rival group; and through anger the pirates will destroy the store when they lose their job.

I just want to show the way I imagined it to go; I know my ideas are not the easiest to... show; but I give it a go.Yes I did say "my ideas"; though this is based on the replacement idea from earlier. Stop being pickey.Here's a bit more detail of the story; filling in the ideas I wanted to show and how it would play out:

The film starts with a 20-30 second introducing in the form of a TV advert, promoting the "Supersaver", or nicknamed "SupersaveARRRR" in tied-ness with the Pirate theme of this intro. Here we are introduced to the three Pirates characters of the story; they are actors and their job is to enjoy the store as to act like pirates; they recommend specials deals getting "slashed" down in price (with a pirate sword) and introducing themselves as the companys icon (the mascot idea). In between these "advert" videos we could show 2d animated scenes of the Pirate Characters + children having a good time around the store; to grab the children's attention to show this is a family "all-welcome" store.

Basically this start video is important of setting up the characters and their personailities; as well as a short glimpse of the store itself. Its wacky, fun and fast; an entertaining and humourous advert in which us as a team can all contribute some background messages or hilarious second-long scenes to show how messed up an advert can be. Anyway...


The video ends and the TV screen gets turned off with a "please stad by message". us as a viewer zooms out to show us that we have been watching a video inside the store. Shortly afterwards the screen gets blocked by "cut-out" stands of a new icon; a new non-pirate group has replaced our characters as the new icon of the store. My original thought was a western-group; but we can change this to whatever fits best.At the very instance the "cut-out" boards arrive on set; the camera changes outwards to show that the Pirate characters were watching the video with us; they make no sudden movements and just keep staring at the direction of the TV shocked. Even with the TV-off and the "cut-outs" arrived, they just... stand there.

They are no longer needed...At this time, we can see that the store is open; its still bright outside and there are customers and staff workers seen around the store. This viewing is then focused on "Craig" (from dairy!) the supersaver worker approches our three characters; he hands them forms and a payslip with a big "fired" message attached to it; they are told to leave the store anytime today. The Pirates slowly turn their heads to the left; we can see a room at the far end with "silhouette" characters behind a blind-covered window. This is their boss's office, as we can see the form ofthe shape of their boss (we see his picture in the 20-30 seconds introducing) and the new replacement-group. Chatting and laughing alike.

The Pirates turn away from this; they look upon the last of their promotional items, such as the posters and the "hanging" ceiling message-boards, being torn off one by one by the workers of the store; the sad part of the story. Craig with his bored-facial expression trieds to shunt the payslip and forms to the pirates once more. This irritates the pirates, causing rage and uproars from them; picking Craig throat-up saying "UP YA'r ARSE!" (little changed from Louis's line) and shoving the slips into his... erm... (outside camera of course)

Shortly afterwards; the pirates turn opposite direction and in this direction they walk and stare at a glorious shot of a giant in-door Pirate Ship model; this would flash a quick flashback-shot in which the Pirates acting on the ship on a promotional day within the store (lasts about second or two); at this point when walking the pirates seperate and they follow three different paths into the store.


he stares proudly upon the giant Pirate boat model at the end of the store; and waits, standing proudly at the shop they once worked on. As a leader he waits for his crew to do his boat-work. An extra-idea in my head was that the staff workers were about to remove the ship; and Breadbeard would not them enter the boundary around the ship itself. This would call upon the Security Staff to arrive and try and remove Breadbeard and his crew from the premises. He fights off and bys time for his crew to "fix" the ship.

WALKER's path:

Walker collects scraps and good (supermarket trolleys?) from around the store; grinning at staff workers and customers while doing so. I wanted to change Walker's personaility from lazy to moany; he's just as annoyed as the rest of the team. Maybe while "camera dollying" Walker around; we can sometimes catch glances of Breadbeard fighting off the staff members/security guards in the background as extra story-humour.

PATCHES's path:

Starts work on the boat itself; making modifications; He arrived at the same time as Breadbeard to work on the ship; he would push a staff-worker out the way; as it attempted to remove the ship from the site. He uses the items found by Walker and the time bought by Breadbeard to upgrade the ship for their "exit".This sounds like a lot to fit into the story; but hopefully through successful editing; we can show these events in the matter of a short time; perhaps a sub-montage... with a feel of adventure instead of an 80's cheese sequence.

WITH SUCCESS the boat is no longer a threatened model but a working and mobile "rocket" powered (Fireworks Day rockets?) boat; able to storm around the store with. Perhaps the animated scenes in the introducing video we saw a flying boat like this; and they want to live their dream of this before they go? Able to launch, the boat storms from its "model" spot and through this, we can create the "pirates rampage scenes" in our original concept; everyone can chip in ideas of whats going to happen, and perhaps make some references in the things they promoted in the start film; are the things that get destroyed in the current sequence. At the end of the destruction, the Pirates head towards the boss office and they fire their cannons/fireworks towards the place. Through the office window we could show a humourous reaction from the boss and replacements before exploding.

The store is damaged; and at this very scene we will cause a final exit from the Pirates. Using broken water-sprinklers from the ceiling; a damaged electrix box and overheated fan-cooler; they would all combine together to turn the remains of the store into a flooded; stormey and windy atmosphere; causing the Pirates to enter a state which pretends they live an Pirate-fantasy. With their boat in reality sailing towards the exit of the store; the workers and customers get pushed around; flooded AND electriculted ALL at the same time.

When they finally snap-out of their "Pirate Fantasy" they wake up crashed at the bottom of the two-story Shopping Mall (Supersaver is on the second fall; they crashed through the balcony) they are surrounded by the police; getting arrested one by one while they still play around in their inner fantasy. The whole enterance of the Supersaver and floor of the supermall shows the destruction they caused from getting fired; while at the same time getting arrested. An mad ending to a mad film.

Before finishing off; an extra idea at this final scene invbolved a call-out of reality again when a commercial appears to us in the form of a spoof of what watched at the start. This would end up a cleaned-up filmed footage of the Supersave team and the pirates in the same position as where the last scene ended; saying something like "Visit us soon! it be an adventure of a lifetime!"


Well... erm. Yeah.

Mixed ideas of some of the other suggestions and my own. The reason the extended feels so long is because I wanted to share some of the explanations; otherwise it could have been cut in half; as written pre-commentary if you will. Anything can be changed; but I wanted to keep a feel of the original idea with an extra "peace to chaotic" touch. We can talk this through.Sorry again team for the delay; but Pirate stories are not my speciality; as much as we love them. We speak about Louis's idea and... sigh... perhaps this.


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