Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Paul: Market Crash

...and recovered!

It should have been uploaded yesterday; but here are the first collection of Logo designs and Product titles. The colouring was done but I wanted to "tidy" it up a little bit; not perfect but it's better than it once was. Even if they are unseen; us as a group chooses what works and what doesn't; in fact for our shop title "Yum N' Yum" tended to be a keen favourite amongst our peasents.
And time is too short: here they are:
Oh, and you might want to maximize:

Product Labels#1

CRUNCH BUNCH:Cereal what-puffs; Caveman influence
MOON: Electronics Brand; spoof of Sony.
BLESSU: Tissue brand. Made-up
MYNAISE: Mayonnaise spoof. It's so good you want to keep it for yourself.
ZAPPBARS: My personal invented chew-bar. WARNING: very sour.
DUTCH VITYOG: .... yeah. Those crazy Dutch yoghuts...

Product Labels #2
BUTTERISM: Butter... buts its post modern! OOOOOhhhhhh
PROFESSOR NUTTAH: He made the peanut... and butter. Oh praise him!
DUMMY-Os: A cameo from "Dummy" from our rival, erm "friendly neighbour" project. Wooden-scraps cereal.

Product Labels #3

DRACULA TOMATO SAUCE: I guess this our origin of animated vampire ducks.

MR CRUMBLE: Biscuits for gentlemen.

RASP'S JELLYBEANS: You guys won't know this; but Rasp is a working character for an story to be created in the near future; no harm for using him now aye? Sweets.

RUNNERS: Obvious spoof and rip-off of Walkers crips. Sue me!

LIL COKE': Its coke and cute at the same! Teehee

TUNA BITEs: I wasn't too certain if the "B" looked like an E or not; but anyway... Tuna.

Supermarket Titles #1

YUM N' YUM: Current Favourite title. I loved the product company "Buy N' Save" from Pixar's WALL-E; I just wanted to create a tribute to it here.

SPICEPRICES: I wanted to keep a title with a pirate influence hidden inside its meaning.

RUMBLES: Again; "Rum" hidden inside. You would presume the mascot character is called "Rumble".

MONEYSTOP: Sounds more like a 99p store than supermarket; meh.

MARKY: Not "MARKYO"; though that works too. The apple is just a picture.

FOOD4U: A hip and modern excuse for a cheap supermarket; stupid text generation...

SUPERSAVER: Originally SUPERSAVEARRRRR; this seems to be the most sensible name for a supermarket; needs more humour!

AISLEWAY: I really liked the design of this one; quick inspired store. I miss Gateways...

I should print these on thursday. Also; I might work on a bit of maya work and possible more designs. Petey's Golden Treasure design comes first though. Remember; if there are any designs or colours you like/dislike; I can always mix and match to get what you want.

Speak soon; I hope you can enjoy them! Oh and Louis; any decisions?

-EDIT- Apparently Blogspot won't let me remove the gaps between the text of the last two decriptions for the concept art. If anyone knows how to fix this then tell me soon or comment below.

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