Thursday, 5 November 2009

Paul: Ce Real Work

Well I didn't get any new logos done by tonight but I finished the cereal box prototype.
Enjoy guys!

It feels like a ceral box; Pirated themed also. But it will eventaully have to be redrawn. I love to design these things; but I just get the right structure or perspective in the drawing. The lines are rough and the colours too-bright; even for a cartoon.

I will try and print this off tomorrow with the designs; but I need your take on what needs to be changed. I'm aware of the characters being the mascot of the cereal; but knowing my "style" of drawing; I need the characters drawn by Louis. I CAN draw them myself; but its my crude style of drawing and how I differ on the designs which kinda ruins the whole feel of the film. I'm sure it will work out fine... ish. The orange theme of the box is for three reasons:

1. Colourful. Cereal boxes need to be attractive.

2. The wheats themselves; I have not decided if they are going to be orange puffs or multicoloured mixes (Lucky Charms style); but it would show the audience themselves the feel of the food.

3. The setting. It's set out the warm seas giving the environment of the Caribbean.

See you guys tomorrow; I actually think its the position of the images are the problem... never the less; I have the photoshop file ready for editing.

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