Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Shots

Hey all, I have been rethinking some of the shots from the storyboard so they can be more dynamic. I Thought that we should incorporate more dynamic shots. This not only will make the film more visually interesting, but I thought that seeing as we are doing the film in maya, we should make use of it. I have been watching more action movies, Bay, Bruckheimer, Cameron etc, and have been noting down some of their techniques. Seeing as we have a lot of action I thought we could be more dynamic to make it more cinematic.

The first shot is when breadbeard lands after pulling himself out the cutout. This shot is what Sam Saunders and I have dubbed the Bay shot. This is when the camera pans around a character at a low angle. Michael Bay uses this shot in the Rock, Bad Boys and Transformers.

This second shot is when breadbeard swings on the ship. I decided to try and add a Zack Synder slow motion shot. He uses this in 300 and Watchmen, and it seems to be what the kids like nowadays.

There is more to come...please forgive my rubbish animation.


  1. Ireally like the first shot you did of the pirates. Reminds me of the shot used in the 2nd terminater film.

  2. That shot you call the Bay Shot should actually be renamed to the Woo Shot as John Woo was the first to demonstrate this shot in Western Cinema in his epic Face/Off.