Saturday, 12 December 2009


I have just contact two voice actors who I think could suit some of the roles in the film. I know some of you like the voices I did for the animatic (obviously not including the sound levels) but I personally don't think I could survive the production of the film, constantly hearing my nasally, whine voice. I'd probably end up smashing my head through the PC monitor. Anywhoo, I contacted these two people. One is a man with a very extensive range of accents. The other is a woman who I thought could give a stab at patches, as his voice is so high (here's her website ) It's the best website name ever! Female voice actresses often play the roles of young boys or high pitched males (Tara Strong voices Timmy in Fairly Odd Parents and Ben in Ben 10).

Hopefully they can get back to us. I have also set up an account on Voice 123 to look for other voice actors.

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