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I know that I suck at modelling so currently I am modelling nothing. (if need be I shall do some though). In the meantime, I will be drawing new frames to the story board and finishing off the 3d animatic. I will also be improving the script as well as tweeking the opening.


I have been glancing across the other group's blogs and frankly ours is not up to scratch. Whack'd and the other groups blogs are filled with development and ours has next to nothing. Even if you have just barely modeled a face, or a shelf, I want to see it. It is very important that you show development on the blog, as it is the holidays and I am not in everyday to check up on you.

There is one thing I cannot stand hearing. This goes to all who are working on other films as well. I do not want to hear that the director of another film has given you a job to do so you are going to do it first over the Pirates film. This films is not something that you do in your spare time, if you are on this film, you are on this film. I am aware that if you are working on two films you will have to share the work, that means sharing not favouring. I do not want to hear how you couldn't model this because another director gave you a new job and you had to do it. I DON'T CARE. In the real world if you are working on a James Cameron movie and a Steven Spielberg movie, you can't go ans say "Sorry James but Steven asked me to do this thing!" You will get fired!

I don't want to sound like a dick, I'm extremely reasonable. My brother suffered with people dicking around with different projects, and not doing his work. He had to pretty much do his whole movie himself (HAND ANIMATED!). That will not happen with this film.

I am fully aware people have other things like dissertations. Ash has had work experience, and JB's gotta do what he's gotta do for his work and family.

I'm just saying that I want his film to be finished, and not like 'Junk Food' last year!

I will be organising a meeting in the new year!

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p.s everyone go see Avatar!

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