Saturday, 3 April 2010

further character updates

GUARD: Finished his rig, Lewis done his blend shapes and inserted his tougne blendshapes to. Currently being weight painted by Mu Li. Will need to apply jiggle deformer to his chin, arms and belly after weighting is done.

PATCHES: Finished rig, Lewis finished his blendshapes and inserted his tougne blendshapes to. Awaiting weight painting. Jiggle deformer on hair needs to be applied after weight painting.

BREADBEARD: Finished rig and awaiting blend shapes. Need to apply final jiggle deformer.

WALKER: Finished his skeleton and begun to make his rig, should be done by tomorrow hopefully

Im hoping to make the deadline of tuesday to get all characters rigged and 2-3 (or even all) of them weight painted and blend shaped.

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