Monday, 22 March 2010


Right guys.

It's official, we have to work our butts off. I chatted with Dan and we need to employ second years to help with almost everything.

Ash, it's unrealistic to think you can texture the whole film by yourself so I'm trying to get another UV, texturer, possibly two.

We could possibly do with a rigger.

We also need someone to help with the lighting.

Finally we need a load of animators. They have to be good but we need a lot. We have 70 shots!

I'm pitching to the second years again tomorrow so hopefully, my award winning personality could possibly attract them to the film.

If I get the second years it does not mean that we can relax. We will have to work our behinds off.

On a lighter note, if all goes well the film should be not awful....which is good.

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