Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Paul: Alive

I've been ill this week due to food poisening; that teaches me a lesson from eating "told" scrap meat at a break during my restaurant shift. Damn them...

But in other news things are not going good with me; and if I intend to catch up with you guys I would like someone to help work with. Louis already knows about this but its been long enough already and the more weeks I waste; the worst it gets.

I try to come in Thursday//Friday, but I really do need help. I've never been like this before...

I think Ashley is working on the environment with me (well he's done more than I have done), maybe we could work on the supermarket a bit more to make sure everything is fine?

Also I try and get some textures done THIS time. Oh and one last thing, Louis I need your email; I hate to post on this blog about these messages but I always forget to ask. It would help, thanks


  1. Hey Louis - its Lewis isn't it?


    and J.B...yes it is(sigh!)