Monday, 22 February 2010


Today I downloaded the facial model the Dean made of Walker. Dean wanted somebody to tweak it so that's what I thought I should do. Tom and I worked together on this one. I Moved the teeth, removed the eyebrows, leveled out the nose, made the eye bigger, re-made the eye socket and tweaked the shape of the head. Tom worked his magic by making the ear. Creating a new eyebrow and bevelling the nose.

Now this looks like Walker. I played around with the old Maya skin and put him in some different expressions. Tom and I make a good smokey and the bandit!


  1. Looks freaking awesome! Its bloody amazing. It would be nice to see a screenshot of the topology though. Kewl beans peeps!

  2. yehh.. Looks good dudes. i like it. didn't notice the notice would make such a big difference. lol. anyhooo.. hope you didnt have to add extra vertices on the bottom of the neck. for the preserve the amount of vertices to join with the original body..yeh, upload a copy on the site. ohhh and if you can upload a copy of the shop too that be great =D the shelf isn't right.

  3. Ohhh Tom! wikipedia that stuff man!